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Harry and Meghan got EXACTLY what they wanted – to make millions and avoid any duty in the UK – The Sun

PEACE in our time? Or a flimsy ceasefire that will break down at the first hurdle faced by a newly private Harry and Meghan?

Put it this way, over the course of these past 12 days the Royal Family has dealt with more tumult, more heartache and more personal animosity since the death of Princess Diana in 1997.

The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William are all conscious that a protracted and public battle over the future of the Sussexes could genuinely damage the future of the monarchy.

So that’s why we end up with a somewhat piecemeal solution, light in detail around thorny issues like whether Harry and Meghan can keep the Sussex Royal brand given they will no longer be working royals.

When I first broke this story in the Sun on January 7, prompting the release of Harry and Meghan’s bombshell abdication statement hours later, I made it clear the couple were discussing relinquishing their HRH titles and moving their offices to Canada.

That’s exactly what’s happened. If anything, our scoop simply sped up the process.

Royal commentators trumpeting Saturday night’s declaration as a total victory for the Queen are somewhat missing the point – Harry and Meghan are DELIGHTED with this result too.

With a few marked concessions (like paying for Frogmore Cottage) they’ve got exactly what they wanted: The ability to make millions and millions without royal oversight, to spend as much time as they want in Hollywood and to avoid any duty in the UK.

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