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Girl, two, electrocuted after putting mobile phone charging cable into her mouth

A two-year-old girl was electrocuted when she put a plugged-in phone charging cable into her mouth.

The toddler was taken to visit her grandparents on Friday when she played with the cable and tried to chew or suck on it.

The girl, named Shehvar, had been left to play by her mother Razia for a short time on Saturday while the charging cable was plugged in nearby.

Another member of the family in the village of Jahangirabad, near Delhi, had been using the charger and had unplugged their phone, but left the power turned on.

The girl put the cable into her mouth, causing her to be electrocuted.

Akhilesh Pradhan, of Jahangirabad police station, told the Times of India: "The family has not approached us with any police complaint, so a case has not been filed.

"However, if somebody approaches us for a complaint, it will be done according to the norms."

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