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Foreign Office’s updated travel advice for France, Spain, Greece and Thailand warns of riots, viral diseases and ‘no go areas’ – The Sun

BRITS travelling abroad to some of the most popular summer holiday destinations have been warned about riots, diseases and getting boozed up in the latest advice.

The Foreign Office has recently updated its travel advice for Brits heading to places likes Spain, France and Greece.

In its advice for Spain, which was updated on June 3, it warned about the possibility of “large gatherings” in the Catalan capital of Barcelona due to the ongoing push by separatists to break away from the rest of Spain.

While these demonstrations in the past have largely been peaceful odd pockets of violence have broken out mainly due to counter demonstrations with ultra-nationalists.

The Foreign Office warned: “They [the demonstrations] may occur with little or no warning and even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can escalate and turn confrontational. You should exercise caution if you’re in the vicinity.”

It also warned holidaymakers about the recent deaths after people have fallen from balconies while on holiday.

The advice also warned that terror attacks were “likely” in Spain.

It recently emerged ISIS-supporting extremists have threatened to launch attacks on Spanish tourist towns in revenge for the death of British ISIS recruiter Sally Jones.


It was recently reported that ISIS extremists were planning Sri Lanka-style attacks in a number of countries popular with British holidaymakers, including Spain, Greece and Turkey.

In the advice for France, which was updated on June 5, it warned visitors to be aware of the ongoing demonstrations by the Yellow Vest protesters.

It said: “A number of previous demonstrations have led to violence and extensive damage to property in Paris and in other cities across the country.

“If demonstrations do turn violent, a heavy police/gendarmerie presence is to be expected.”

It added: “In all cases, you should avoid demonstrations wherever possible and follow the advice of the local authorities.”

The Foreign Office also warned that terror attacks were “very likely” in France due to the threat from “Islamist terrorist groups”.


For Greece, it warned travellers to be aware that there were regular strikes and to avoid any demonstrations.

It also warned about mosquitoes in the country as there had been a number of cases of West Nile virus last year and holidaymakers were told to use repellent when outdoors.

Holidaymakers were also warned about overdoing it on the booze in Greece, saying the authorities did not tolerate “rowdy or indecent behaviour.”

It warned: “The Greek police won’t accept rowdy or indecent behaviour, especially where excessive drinking is involved.

“Greek courts impose heavy fines or prison sentences on people who behave indecently.”

The advice also warned about the possibility of wildfires in the summer.

Further afield in Thailand the Foreign Office warned about no-go areas as consular support was not available and advised to avoid those areas.

It also advised researching local customs and laws before you travel and warned of the possibility of the Zika virus.

The updated advice comes after it was revealed holiday reps are being given terror training.

Workers, from firms such as Thomas Cook, Jet2 and First Choice, have reportedly been given specific hotels to look after and taught "survival skills" should terrorists strike.

The full travel advice can be found on the Foreign Office's website.

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