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'Drunk driver' moaned 'why did he have to be a cop?' after 'killing NYPD officer in hit-and-run'

A MOTORIST accused of killing an NYPD officer in a drunken "hit and run" crash reportedly moaned "why did he have to be a cop" while she was in the back of a squad car.

Jessica Beauvais, of Long Island, 32, is accused of killing highways officer Anastasios Tsakos, on April 27.

She was arraigned on Tuesday on more than a dozen criminal charges including vehicular manslaughter and drinking while intoxicated.

Beauvais pled not guilty to all charges and was denied bail.

Prosecutors said mom-of-one Beauvais moaned: “Why did my first accident have to be a cop?” while she was in the back of the car, The New York Daily News reported.

She reportedly said: “Not that I wanted it to be someone else but f**k, I’ve been driving since I was 16 and haven’t hit as much as a pothole.”

The driver was allegedly nearly double the legal alcohol limit after the collision on April 27, Mail Online reports.

The indictment alleges she was “driving at a high rate of speed” on the Long Island Expressway.

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz alleged that the officer was hurled 200 feet into the air and landed on grass.

Beauvais admitted she “heard a thump” but continued driving with a “completely shattered windshield”.

But she drove on past several exits until she came to a stop when she "jumped a curb", court documents allege.

The indictment alleges that Beauvais put her vehicle into reverse and rammed a police vehicle.

Beauvais reportedly told officers that she had drank glasses of wine and shots of 1800 Patron and thought she was being stopped for speeding.

She was intoxicated and driving with a suspended license at the time of the fatal collision, police said.

Dad-of-two Tsakos, a 14-year veteran of the force, was directing traffic after another accident when he was fatally injured in Queens.

Tsakos grew up in Greece and New York City before serving in the Greek military.

He studied aviation in college so he could pursue a dream flying helicopters for the NYPD.

Relatives remembered him as a deeply committed policeman and a kind soul who was always eager to help others.

Brother Teddy Tsakos, 42, told Newsday: "My brother was an amazing guy. He would help people out left and right.

"That’s what most cops do. You don’t hear about it on the news. You only hear the bad things.

Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio paid tribute to the highways officer at his memorial service.

He said: “It does not make sense how someone could live his life right in every way and be taken from us so horribly.

“But his heroism uplifts us. Some people are true heroes. Some people are there for others. And that in every way was Anastasios Tsakos.”

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said it was "devastating to speak to his widow" and that "two young children are going to grow up without a father".

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Tsakos' death "reminds us of the risks taken by all who serve".


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