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Doomsday preacher warns seven volcanoes could 'end life on earth' in wacky prophecy warning of imminent 'climatic chaos'

A BONKERS Doomsday preacher has warned that seven volcanoes could erupt and "end life on earth" in a wacky prophecy.

Evangelist pastor Paul Begley also dramatically raves on YouTube about "climatic chaos" as an "apocalyptic sign that can kill you".

In a lengthy YouTube prediction, Begley warned about "signs of the lord" approaching, alluding to flash floods, hurricanes, and 'apocalyptic' storm surges.

He also ranted about wildfires, the chaos in Afghanistan, the recent quake hell in Haiti, cyber attacks upon the US and astronomy research as being 'signs' in his latest Doomsday alert.

"Do you think that God doesn't have timing?" he asked his followers at one point.

But he also reckons that volcanoes could soon blow up the world.

Begley raved: "The world is on fire.

"California is having its second-ever biggest fire season, Greece is on fire and the whole country is burning.

"There are cataclysmic events everywhere including five earthquakes which hit Alaska and it is starting to get insane out there.

"The Atlantic ocean currents are also slowing down and that will wreak havoc on the earth.

"What is causing all of these things?

"Could it be the polar caps shifting as prophesied in Isaiah 24? Only now is the science catching up on the prophecy."

Begley likes to use his online preaching to cite Revelations in the Bible and often refers to its apparent references to the end of days.


The Geographical Society has previously said the Earth could be wiped out by a “super-volcanic” eruption – although this could happen in about one million years, according to a report in 2017.

And while Begley's previous dire predictions have famously so far failed to come to fruition, he's based his latest volcanic blow-up threat on recent research from the University of Cambridge.

The institution says that scientists are now veering away from the risk of 'super-volcanic' eruptions.

Instead, experts are looking into smaller eruptions in key global pinch points "creating devastating domino effects", according to the uni's report.

The university's Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) says it has identified seven 'pinch points'.

There are cataclysmic events everywhere including five earthquakes which hit Alaska and it is starting to get insane out there.

This is "where clusters of small but active volcanoes sit alongside vital infrastructure that, if paralysed, could have catastrophic global consequences.

"These regions include volcano groups in Taiwan, North Africa, the North Atlantic, and the northwestern United States of America."

The report was published in the journal Nature Communication

Begley alluded to the centre's findings, saying: "Our time folks is right now."

Trying to panic viewers, he showed them an updated quake map from the United States Geological Survey, (USGS), and said: "Let's look at the earthquake map, wow Haiti just got hit."

Begley talked about faultlines, and earthquakes rocking areas such as South Sandwich Islands.


He also talked about after-shocks hitting the likes of New Mexico and Oklahoma, and Japan.

"Puerto Rico doesn't stop shaking… Indonesia… these are just the beginning of sorrows guys.

"As Jesus said… it's not just these apocalyptic signs that you have to worry about, or expect, but verse 9 says 'then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you'," he warned.

His dire end-of-days warning comes months after he incorrectly predicted  that Doomsday would strike us on December 21, 2020.

He claimed it could happen due to a certain planetary alignment.

Gloom-mongerer Begley warned last year that we were "living the last days" with "blood and fire, and pillars of smoke… before the great and terrible day of the Lord come".

He has previously cited the Mayan calendar and the alignment of two planets on December 21 – which happens to be his birthday – as evidence for his baseless warnings.

Do you think that God doesn't have timing?

The orbits of Jupiter and Saturn were to take them so close together on December 21 they formed a "double planet" phenomenon in the sky.

It marked the first "conjunction" of the two planets, forming what some called a "Christmas star", for several centuries.

Pastor Begley said in a YouTube video in June 2020: "It will be the closest Jupiter and Saturn have been since 1623 and it won't even come that close again for another 500 years.

"So this is so rare and it's going to be on the winter solstice.

“It's going to be on December 21, 2020.

“The Mayans are now reorganising and saying this could certainly be the end of the world as we know it."


The Mayan calendar is a system of calendars and almanacs which was used by several cultures in Central America.

It dates back to the 5th century BCE and it is still in use in some Mayan communities today.

The Indiana preacher predicted the end of days would be a wild time.

In a nod to the book of Joel, chapter two verse 28, Begley noted, "[it says] ‘I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood and fire, and pillars of smoke, when the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord come'."

The pastor added: “Well, we just had the sun darken in a solar eclipse on December 14.

"We had a total solar eclipse of the sun. On Halloween we had a very rare blue moon.

"All these things are happening right now. We are in the last days."

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