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Did the Simpsons predict Donald Trump’s death on August 27, 2020?

A THEORY that the TV show the Simpsons predicted the death of Donald Trump on August 27 is gaining popularity on social media.

Posts on Twitter have circulated a faked image of a cartoon Trump lying in a coffin, making it appear as though the image was once a part of an episode of the Simpsons.

No such image ever appeared on the show.

What did the Simpsons predict on August 27, 2020?
Nothing. The date of August 27 is one that's been selected, more or less at random, by various Tik Tok users to troll their viewers.

One particular viral video that urged viewers to look for events of importance on August 27th became linked to the predictions of Trump's death and used to fuel the rumors.

What are people saying on Twitter?

Many Twitter users who shared the faked image of a cartoon Trump in a coffin were confused about the theory's origins, but aware of its existence nonetheless.

Others knew that the show had never actually aired any episode predicting Trump's death.

What else has the Simpsons predicted?

This is far from the first time theories about the show predicting future events have gained popularity online.

Recent events tied to such alleged predictions by the Simpsons include that actor Tom Hanks would test positive for coronavirus and that we would all have to self-isolate following the outbreak of the virus, as well as the arrival of the infamous murder hornets.

Other alleged predictions have included the 9/11 attacks, Trump being elected president, the destruction of King's Landing in the TV show Game of Thrones, Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime performance and Prince's death.

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