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Day trippers recreating Beatles' Abbey Road turn up at wrong station

Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? Day trippers hoping to recreate The Beatles’ famous Abbey Road cover have been turning up at similarly named train station by mistake

  • Beatles fans accidentally rock up to DLR train station instead of zebra crossing

Confused day trippers hoping to recreate The Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road album cover have been turning up to a DLR station wit the same name by mistake.

The Abbey Road DLR station shares its moniker with the street which is also the namesake of the Fab Four’s penultimate album.

The famous cover features John, Paul, George and Ringo walking across the zebra crossing near the North London music studio. But tourists instead continue to rocke up to the Abbey Road DLR station in Newham, east London.

This comes after the band released a brand new single, Now and Then, for the first time in decades, and years after the deaths of John Lennon and George Harrison.

Confused day trippers hoping to recreate The Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road album cover have been turning up to a DLR station wit the same name by mistake

The front cover of The Beatles’ 1969 album Abbey Road features the fab four crossing an ordinary zebra crossing near the eponymous studio – and is now a tourist photo hotspot

Now And Then was originally written by the late John Lennon and developed by his fellow band members, including George Harrison who also passed away. But thanks to advancements in technology, it was finally finished and after its release last Thursday.

This orienteering mistake results in an unnecessary ten mile journey, at the cost of £3.40, which takes about 40 minutes, to end up at the correct location outside Abbey Road Studios.

Transport for London data reportedly shows that 2,411 trips were made between the Docklands Light Railway Abbey Road station and St John’s Wood Jubilee line Tube St John’s Wood station since 2021, The Sun reports.

The report said that is is believed that most of these journeys have been made by baffled Beatles fans, with 853 so far this year, and 876 last year.

Local commuters said in 2013 that scores of hapless tourists regularly turn up at the East End station assuming it must be home to the famous Abbey Road. 

The Beatles’ penultimate album is considered to be one of the best of all time and featured classics such as Here Comes the Sun and Come Together. Pictured: Messages to the Beatles written on the street sign at Abbey Road

This is the site of the correct zebra crossing, near the studio which is still used by hit artists

The gently mocking sign explains that tourists who may have arrived expecting to find the famous crossing are in the wrong place and explains how to get back to the correct location.

Several of the most famous Beatles songs including ‘Daytripper’, ‘Help’, ‘Get Back’ and ‘Ticket to Ride’ are cleverly weaved into the sign which has been placed in the station entrance by one of the platforms.

The sign was upgraded to a permanent fixture in 2021 as a display board.

It reads: ‘Feel like you’ve been here there and everywhere and on a magical mystery tour? Then don’t pass me by.

‘Unfortunately you are at the wrong Abbey Road. However we can work it out and help you get back to the correct location.’

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