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Dashcam footage shows moment domestic violence victim bolts from moving car

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A Texas man’s dashcam footage captured the startling moment a woman bolted from a moving vehicle as her husband reportedly attacked her.

The incident unfolded Tuesday afternoon near Loop 410 and Ingram Road in San Antonio, as Michael Shackelford was wrapping up a visit to the bank, KENS5 reported.

Shackelford’s dashcam footage, which has been viewed millions of times on TikTok, shows a woman beckoning him to help her — with the vehicle’s passenger door wide open.

Shackelford told the outlet he realized something was wrong, so he followed the car from a safe distance.

“I saw her screaming and just felt empowered to do something,” he said.

Shackelford briefly followed the car while narrating every development to a 911 dispatcher.

“She’s screaming and kicking in the car, he’s erratically – she’s trying to get out of the car,” he yelled in the video.

The clip shows the woman finally escaping from the car and tumbling to the ground — as Shackelford yelled, “Ma’am, get in my truck!”

“I was really just trying to get her out of harm’s way and away from the alleged attacker because I didn’t know what the situation was,” he told the local station.

The woman said that the person who attacked her was her husband, according to the report.

Shackelford pulled off into a restaurant parking lot, with the alleged victim in his car.

Police and medical responders took over from there.

Police told the outlet in an email that the woman, who suffered minor injuries, was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

So this lady was being held against her will, My dash cam caught it all. #ConjuringHorror #TeamUSATryout #waitforit #fyp #foryoupage #sanantonio

Since posting the video, Shackelford has gained tens of thousands or TikTok followers.

He plans to put his Internet popularity to good use by raising funds for a local shelter dedicated to helping domestic violence victims.

“Maybe it could help someone like this victim or a child or a mother or a father, whatever the situation is and hopefully some good can come out of this,” he said.

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