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Dad wakes to find ‘happy and healthy’ four-month-old baby son dead beside him

A heartbroken father has told how he woke to find his 'happy and healthy' baby son dead beside him in bed.

Little Bronlee Ward, who was just four months old, died next to his dad Jayden at their home in Adelaide, Australia, on Friday.

The pair had been at home while Jayden's wife Dee-Jay was in hospital having surgery.

Shortly after waking up, Jayden noticed his son wasn't breathing.

He told : "I grabbed his forehead and felt it was stone cold. I had picked him up and I screamed ‘bubba’ multiple times.

“I didn’t really feel anything at that point, I just wanted my son to be OK. While counting the compressions I eventually lost it, crying."

Panicked Jayden took son into his mother-in-law's room and performed CPR on him for two minutes while under instructions from paramedics on the phone.

Emergency responders eventually arrived and frantically battled to save the tot.

Sadly, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jayden said: "I still haven’t and I don’t know when I will accept that fact that he’s not coming home, I’m still in shock.”

The grieving dad then had to break the news to his wife when he arrived at the hospital.

He said it was "one of the hardest things he had done".

The official cause of the youngster's death is unknown, but the coroner has pointed towards Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The grieving couple now have a GoFundMe page – which you can contribute to here – to help cover the cost of Bronlee's funeral.

Mum Dee-Jaye, who described the tot as 'happy and healthy', said: "I just want to thank everyone again through these hard last few days. You have no idea how much this means to us.

"It’s covered the first part of our funeral and we can still work out the second part.

"Again thank you for helping Bronlee have the beautiful send off that he’s going to have

"I promise to keep updating everyone and keep his spirit alive.

"Money doesn’t mean so much to us but it honestly helps giving Bronlee the best send off we could possibly give him.

"It helps us take time of work to grieve and still come to reality that he’s gone. I still haven’t and I don’t know when will accept that fact that he’s not coming home, I’m still in shock."

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