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Chris Christie still hospitalized with COVID-19 after five days

Chris Christie remained in a New Jersey hospital Thursday, five days after tweeting that he had checked himself in as a “precautionary measure” following a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Christie has not discussed his condition further online, nor have his doctors, though people he has spoken to have told The Post that the one-time presidential candidate and former Jersey governor has been upbeat and doing well.

“He’s in good spirits and getting good care,” a source familiar with his condition said after speaking with him on Wednesday.

Christie, 58, suffers from asthma, and on Saturday afternoon he tweeted that he was checking himself in to Morristown Medical Center as a precaution.

Asthma — and obesity — are conditions that can worsen a coronavirus infection.

“I am thankful for our hardworking medical professionals and look forward to coming home soon,” Christie had tweeted Saturday from the hospital.

The near-silence since then has only fed the rumor mill.

On Wednesday, multiple media outlets stamped out a briefly-tweeted rumor that Christie was in an ICU and on a ventilator, USA Today noted on Thursday.

Christie had attended multiple prep sessions prior to Tuesday night’s presidential debate, reportedly portraying Democratic contender Joe Biden during practice with President Trump, who announced he had tested positive early Friday.

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