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Cheating wife caught hiding in CEILING by raging husband after romping with toy boy in 'love hotel'

VIDEO footage claims to show the moment a wife was found hiding in the ceiling of a "love motel" after her husband caught her cheating with her toy boy lover.

The suspicious husband is said to have followed her to the budget hotel, where cops used a ladder to uncover her hiding space in a void above the bedroom.

Reports in the Philippines claim the woman's partner had recently returned home to Mandaue City after months of working abroad on oil rigs.

Instead of an enjoyable break in the run-up to Christmas, he became disheartened after noticing his wife was distant.

His suspicions grew when she frequently went out at weekends saying she was working overtime as an accounting clerk.

On Sunday, after the couple had been on a date, the wife said she needed to leave for an emergency in the office, it is claimed.

He decided to follow her taxi, and watched as it dropped her off in front of a motel where she met a younger man.

The husband, who has not been identified, said: ''I did not know what to do. I called my friend for help and they reported it to the police.''

He said he also asked lobby staff to let him enter because his wife was inside.

They refused to let him in but then police arrived and ordered staff to open the door as adultery is a criminal offence in the Philippines.

The wife's alleged lover was cornered as he tried to leave the building.

But officers were baffled when they found no one else in the room, with the wife's clothes strewn across the floor.

Soon after, they heard a loud bang from the ceiling followed by a woman’s shoe falling from the crack.

A video shows police officers pointing at the ceiling and using a ladder to check the opening where they found the wife hiding inside.

They urged her to climb down, but she resisted until female cops talked to her through the gap.

After almost half an hour, they were able to take the wife to the police station with the husband who is determined to sue the woman and her toy boy.

If found guilty, the woman could be jailed for up to six years under tough adultery laws.

In 2017, video showed a brawl in a hotel room in China when a scorned wife attacked a woman she caught in bed with her husband.

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