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Car slams into vehicle on a busy motorway – so who is at fault?

Tailgating ute slams into an SUV after a VERY sudden brake-check on a busy motorway – so who do you think is in the wrong?

  • Crash on Queensland’s M1 motorway has divided opinion on who is at fault
  • Some believe the 4WD broke too suddenly, others said ute was tailgating
  • The accident was recently shared on the popular YouTube page Aussiecams 

A crash which saw a ute slam into a four wheel drive on a busy motorway has divided viewers over who is at fault for the prang.

Recent footage shared to the Aussiecams page shows a ute ploughing into a 4WD on Queensland’s M1 motorway.

Some viewers blamed the owner of the luxury white 4WD for the accident, believing the car owner braked suddenly. 

Others questioned why the tradesman’s ute was ‘tailgating’ the other car while travelling at more than 100km/h.

The ute (pictured right) initially kept a safe distance from the white 4WD as it rode along the highway

Seconds later when the 4WD appeared to break suddenly (pictured), the ute was unable to avoid a collision

‘Whoever is driving that jeep has got some issues, one person said.

‘There was no need to brake that hard.’ 

Another commented that ‘no one is prepared to a full stop on a highway when u are doing 100+km/per hour.’

A third person said tailgating has become a source of frustration for countless drivers, who feel intimidated by others who are impatient behind the wheel. 

‘I can guarantee that within a minute of leaving home, I’ll be tailgated, even though I always drive bang on the limit and that’s on roads that are virtually empty,’ he said.

‘I don’t understand it, never have, never will.’

After watching the footage, a fourth person said ‘the people in the white car (4WD) should be at fault. 

‘If that wasn’t a brake check what is? He (or she) should have his licence suspended.’

Another declared Queensland drivers were ‘absolutely hopeless’, and felt the driving from the ute owner was ‘pretty dumb.’ 

One person known as GW stated ‘typical Queensland drivers’ before going onto label them ‘absolutely hopeless’

Another felt the 4WD was possibly checking their car breaks before the crash, and then declared it was ‘pretty dumb’ behaviour from the ute driver

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