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Can I be fined for using my hosepipe during a ban? | The Sun

A BAN on hosepipes and sprinklers will be enforced in parts of the country this month after the extreme weather throughout July.

You won't be able to use a hose to wash cars, water plants or fill your paddling pool.

Can I be fined for using my hosepipe during a ban?

In July 2022, the UK was the driest it has been since 1935 with just 1.5 inches of rainfall.

Many parts of the country have been given "prolonged dry weather status".

That means they are in the early stages of a drought due to record low rainfall, low reservoirs and dry soil.

Forecasts say August and September could follow suit.

Under the rules, you won't be allowed to use a hosepipe or sprinkler that is connected to a mains water supply.

It's not the first time the UK faced a hosepipe ban after scorching temperatures in May 2019.

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If caught, rule breakers could face big fines.

Each water company sets its own terms and conditions regarding prosecution, but if your company imposes a fine, you will be issued with a court summons from the magistrates court.

If they aresuccessful in proving you have broken the ban, you will be convicted and fined up to £1,000.

Who is exempt from a hosepipe ban?

Under certain circumstances some people are still able to use a hosepipe despite the ban.

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Businesses like car washes and garden centres are able to operate normally.

Households using a hose for health and safety reasons won't be fined.

Blue badge holders are exempt from the rules.

So are gardeners using approved drip or trickle irrigation systems that are fitted with pressure reducing valves.

What can I use instead of a hosepipe?

Households can collect rainwater and store it for future use.

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You can even tend to your garden using buckets and watering cans.

Only sources connected to the main water supply are prohibited.

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