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Brits are world’s biggest boozers and we get hammered once a week, study says

BRITS are the world’s biggest boozers, getting tanked up once a week on average, a study found.

We get plastered 51 times a year, the Global Drug Survey of 120,000 people in 36 nations said.

Brits get drunk so often that experts say telling us to lay off it is not working and it is time to advise on how to get sozzled safely.

Lager-loving Australians get tanked up 47 times a year — while the Germans do so just 22 times in 12 months.

Yanks get drunk 50 times a year, the Australians 47.

The most sober nation is Chile, where they say they get sloshed 16 times a year.

Germans admit to being off their face 22 times a year.

The Global Drug Survey quizzed 5,400 Brits among the 120,000 people it questioned in 36 countries.

Lead researcher Professor Adam Winstock, of University College London, said: “Until we become more European and moderate in our drinking, we might have to bite the bullet and think about how to advise people to get drunk drinking less.”

Suggestions include alternating alcoholic and soft drinks, or supping low strength beers.

Official guidelines recommend no more than 14 units of alcohol weekly — roughly six pints of beer, or six standard 175ml glasses of wine.

Women's woes

MORE than a third of women claim to have been taken advantage of sexually while drunk or high, according to the same survey.

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