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British Museum asks public to help recover missing items from its collection | The Sun

THE British Museum is asking the public to help recover missing items from its collection.

It announced in August that 2,000 artefacts were found to have been taken, and a police investigation is under way.

The London-based institution has now posted pictures on its website of missing Greek and Roman necklaces and rings.

It revealed that 60 items have been returned, with a further 300 imminent.

Former chancellor George Osborne, who is now chairman of the museum's trustees, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that an estimated 2,000 items were missing and some had been recovered.

He said the museum did not have a complete catalogue of everything in its collection.

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He said: "Someone with knowledge of what's not registered has a big advantage in removing some of those items."

A Met Police investigation is under way and a man was interviewed under caution on August 23.

The images of missing items can be found here

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