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British account faces death penalty in Philippines after 'being caught with meth

A British accountant could be executed after allegedly being caught with meth in a drugs raid on his flat in the Philippines.

Philip Joseph, 47, was in a flat with two locals when cops burst through the door in Manila City on Monday.

He faces possession and dealing charges and could serve a life sentence in one of the country’s overcrowded prisons if he avoids the death penalty.

Officers said they found Joseph in his apartment with Josephine Olayao, 38, and Tuk Tuk driver Rodolfo del Rosario, 42, preparing sachets of methamphetamine – known locally as shabu.

A police report said four pieces of hear-sealed transparent sachets containing suspected methamphetamine were seized when the trio were arrested.

If found guilty of possession, Joseph, who remains in custody, faces a minimum of 20 years behind bars.

He moved to the Philippines and was working in the financial sector as an accountant and legal collections manager.

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