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Brazen parcel theft caught on camera as mum pleads for her parcel back

Man’s brazen parcel theft caught on doorbell camera as young mum pleads for return of $100 worth of items she bought for her baby

  • Footage shows the moment a shameless package thief steals baby toys
  • It captures the moment the man steals from young mum’s front porch 
  • The man has still not yet been caught despite a strong community response 

A doorbell camera has caught the moment a man brazenly walked on to an Adelaide front porch and stole a package, before shielding it in his jacket and walking away.

Young mum Chanté Betkowski was feeding her young baby, Airlie, inside her Kent Avenue home in Brahma Lodge when the package thief pinched her parcel

Ms Betkowski said the package had only been there for half an hour before it was pinched.

The hi-viz wearing postal looter can be seen walking straight up to the front door wearing a bicycle helment before grabbing the parcel and shamelessly sauntering away.

But Ms Betkowski says the parcel thief mightn’t be suited to the contents of the parcel.

‘It was about $100 worth of baby items,’ she told Daily Mail Australia. 

The Adelaide mother couldn’t believe someone had walked up off the street just to pinch her parcel from the porch. 

She says she only discovered the theft after receiving a notification on her phone while she was feeding baby Airlie.

The porch thief took the parcel apparently unaware he would be caught on the doorbell camera

‘I was just sitting on the lounge feeding my baby when I got the notification on my phone that my doorbell camera saw a person,’ she said. 

‘I checked the video straight away and thought it looked like he took the package that just got delivered. I didn’t believe it at first so I finished feeding my baby and got up to check and the package was gone,’ 

After checking the package was gone, Ms Betkowski tried to take matters into her own hands and find the thief herself. 

The package contained about $100 worth of baby products Ms Betkowski had ordered

‘I wasn’t sure what to do so I called my partner and then I got in the car to see if I could find the guy. After not being able to find him, my partner got home and we made the police report.’

Ms Betkowski said despite the efforts of police and herself, the porch-picker still hasn’t been located since the theft at midday on Wednesday.

She remains hopeful she will get her belongings back, posting video of the theft to social media in the hope someone will know who the man is.

‘Nearly 8,000 from the area have seen the video so far, someone has to know who he is,’ she said.

‘I don’t usually post this sorta thing but I’m so mad. If anyone knows who this is, or sees him riding around Brahma Lodge area, please message me.’ she wrote.

‘I hope he feels terrible when he opens it to see baby things.’

The South Australian police are working on finding the package and released a statement describing the suspect.

‘The suspect is described as being Caucasian, about 30 years, wearing yellow hi-vis hooded top, bike helmet, dark baseball cap, dark pants, dark boots and carrying black backpack.’  

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