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Beauty queen insists baby is royalty after child paternity questioned

Russian beauty queen who was divorced by Malaysia’s ex-king publicly insists her baby has royal blood after monarch’s lawyer ‘questioned the child’s paternity’

  •  Oksana Veovodina, 27, has taken to social media to insist her son has is royalty
  •  The Russian beauty queen posted pictures of her ten-week-old on Instagram
  • According to sources at the Kremlin, the ex-king is already poised to remarry 

The Russian beauty queen who was divorced by the Malaysian ex-king after a whirlwind romance has gone public to insist that her baby has royal blood.

Oksana Veovodina, 27, used social media to hit back at claims by a lawyer for abdicated monarch Sultan of Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V which appeared to question the child’s paternity.

The former Miss Moscow was asked on Instagram if her ten-week-old son was really the king’s child why she always hid the baby’s face in pictures in her social media account.

The former Miss Moscow winner took to Instagram, posting pictures of herself and her ten-week-old, who’s face had been blurred, insisting this was due to the child being of royal blood

When questioned by social media users, she argued that if her son was not who she claimed him to be she would be ‘ashamed’ to show her life on social media

Denying she had been unfaithful, she replied: “If he was not his son, I would not open any account at all!

“I would be ashamed to show my life.”

About her son, she said: “He is Asian with very big eyes and big lips – took after my lips)”.

Speculation over the baby’s father arose after the former king’s lawyer announced the royal had divorced Oksana under Sharia law.

Singapore-based lawyer Koh Tien Hua said last month: “There is no objective evidence as yet as to the biological father of the child.”

Earlier in a surprise move the British-educated sultan suddenly abdicated his throne without giving a clear reason.

Oksana has made it clear through friends and her own lawyer that the baby was the ex-king’s but she used Instagram to speak for the first time.

In another reply the former beauty queen and reality TV show star – who denies she is divorced because she has received no paperwork confirming the split – said “political issues” had prevented her returning to Malaysia.

According to sources, she thought she had been promised the title of queen and that her child would be crown prince of the state of Kelantan.

‘While he will provide for both of them, he seems to have disinherited the boy,’ the source told MailOnline.

Ms Voevodina has previously said that reports of their divorce are a ‘provocation’ and she has ‘never divorced’ the former monarch. Pictured: Oksana in her Miss Moscow days in 2015 (left) and in a recent social media post covered in diamond jewels (right)

Oksana Veovodina, the Russian beauty queen who married a Malaysian sultan, released a video of the pair talking about their marriage amid early reports that they had gotten a divorce

Last month Oksana uploaded two new images to Instagram showing her cuddling her son, saying that she is ‘proud Malaysian blood flows in his veins.’

Thanking her online fans, she went on: ‘In my life, I have to face to a lot of malice, slander and envy. But you convince me there is still a lot of kindness left in the world.’

The couple were married on June 7 last year when Sultan Muhammad V was the Malaysian King.

The Islamic nuptials were not reported.

A ceremony then followed in Moscow in November which leaked out to the media.

Then followed lurid reports about the beauty queen’s past, including an episode when she took part in a reality show under an assumed name.

In this Russian show, she was filmed having sex in a swimming pool with a male contestant, according to reports.

Sultan Muhammad V (pictured as King of Malaysia in July 2018) dramatically gave up his throne in January this year to be with the Russian model 

 Facing growing pressure after the reports, Sultan Muhammad V dramatically gave up his throne in January this year to be with the Russian model.

The abdication was the first for the country since its independence from British rule in 1957.

Lawyers for the Sultan insist that the couple have now divorced after Muhammad performed a ceremony in which he rejected his wife three times in the presence of witnesses.

However, the divorce proceedings have been shrouded in secrecy, and Kelantan officials earlier denied any knowledge of them.

According to sources at the Kremlin the ex-king is now poised to marry a more ‘suitable’ bride selected by his family after being forced to dump his wife.

The Russian bride has also denied a divorce, although she has not commented on the latest claims by the Sultan’s lawyer.

Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah was crowned as Muhammad’s successor as Malaysian king in January.

The country has a unique rotating monarchy system in which nine state rulers take turns as head of state.

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