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Anti-vax mob ambush BBC journalist and tell him 'the nooses are ready'

Shocking moment furious anti-vaccine mob ambush BBC journalist and tell him ‘the nooses are ready’

  • Philip Norton was covering an antivax demo in Scarborough, N. Yorks, yesterday
  • Norton was targeted by protestor with megaphone and told he would be hanged
  • Others in the mob also echoed the sentiment and referenced Nuremberg trials
  • Norton shared footage on Twitter along with news report he produced that day
  • He said he called behaviour out because it’s become ‘part of the job’ to get abuse

This is the shocking moment a furious anti-vaccine mob ambush a BBC journalist in Yorkshire and tell him ‘the nooses are ready’.

Philip Norton was in Scarborough covering the demonstration in Scarborough yesterday for BBC Look North when the crowd turned on him.

The video, shared by Norton on social media, shows a protestor with a megaphone target him and start warning him that he will ‘hang’.

The footage begins with the protestor yelling: ‘There will come a time when justice will come. The Nuremberg trials are coming on September 1 […] and you will all be hanging.’ 

Surrounded by a large crowd of protestors, the megaphone wielding man continues to reference the Nuremberg trials.

This is the moment a man with a megaphone targeted BBC journalist Philip Norton at an antivax protest in Scarborough and warned him he would hang along with the ‘despicable MPs’

BBC journalist Philip Norton was in Scarborough covering the protest for BBC Look North

He continues: ‘You will hang for what you’ve done to this country, and so will the clown, and so will the despicable MPs that you are supporting.

‘The nooses are ready, trust me. We’ve been watching you for a long time, you are criminals.

‘We’re not going to be violent, we’re not going to intimidate you, but you have no place to be out here right now.’

The video was shared by Norton online who explained why he was sharing it with his followers. He also shared the news report he had helped produce with the BBC team in Scarborough that day.

Norton said: ‘Today I went out to work in Scarborough, with a great team, and produced this piece for @BBCNews.

‘I’m always incredibly proud of my work as a journalist, of its accuracy, and of our standards. It’ll be on again later.

Pictured: The man was joined by a large group of protestors who echoed his sentiments

Mr Norton said he called the behaviour out because it’s almost become ‘part of the job’ to get abuse in the streets. Pictured: more of the anti-vaxx protestors who took part in Scarborough

‘This is what we were subjected to in our roles as #journalists today. Ambushed and cornered by protesters, death threats, labelled as paedophiles and murderers.

‘We’re all ok and well supported, but sadly this is happening more and more as we try to do our jobs.’

‘I’ve called this out because in recent years, it’s almost become ‘part of the job’ to get abuse in the streets. Most weeks I cop for some, as do my colleagues. 

‘That’s not right. We appreciate everyone has views- but this really isn’t the way to get people to listen.’

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