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Amazing images show freedivers swarmed by thousands of jellyfish as they explore the ocean

THESE amazing photographs show fearless freedivers braving tropical waters swarming with thousands of jellyfish.

Huge clusters of the translucent sea creatures look just like clouds as they float around the death-defying daredevils.

Elle Mayell, 25, and Rhys Muddle, 29, can be seen in just swimsuits, flippers and snorkels as they mingle with the marine animals.

The "jellies" are thought to be moon jellyfish, a species considered fairly harmless as their sting cannot fully penetrate human skin.

However, they can still leave an irritating injury and you certainly wouldn't want to be stung by a swarm multiple times.

Australian photographer Alex Kydd, 28, captured the startling underwater images just off the Raja Ampat islands in Indonesia.

He said the divers,  both from New South Wales in Australia, said there was 'thousands' of jellyfish grouped together.

Alex added: "We randomly came across them very suddenly while on a diving trip with a local guide. Seeing so many in one place was an incredible spectacle.

"In the following days after seeing the jellyfish, we tried to see them again but had no luck. It was a very lucky encounter.

"The local guide told us that he had never seen them in that exact area before. We don't believe this group of jellyfish, in that area, had ever been properly photographed."

He added: "The jellies were relatively sting-less and the divers were unaffected."

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