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81% Of Employees Say Remote Work Improved Their Mental Health

On average, one-third of our lives are spent working.

8 hour days, 5 days per week can add up and immensely impact your mental health if all that time is spent in a workplace that doesn’t support your well-being. Turns out, according to a new report, remote workers are finding that time away from the office is exactly what their minds need. 

According to findings from a survey conducted by Joblist , more than 7 in 10 small-company employees rated their mental health as good, compared to fewer than 6 in 10 employees at large companies. Of those who worked in finance and insurance, 74.1% reported good mental health, ranking the highest of any industry. They polled 1,011 U.S. employees and asked them to rate their mental health, work environments, and what if anything were their employers doing to foster healthy workplace culture. 

People were very honest. Although there was a high percentage of those who reported good mental health, the participants that said they were struggling, shared they were likely to look for a new job in the next six months (49.2%).

Unsurprisingly, personal time prioritization was a big component for those asking what they want most from their employers. 46.4% asked for more PTO, 39.1 said flexible schedules were a need and another 37% said setting clear boundaries was a tactic they planned to use in the future. and set clear boundaries with their employer (37.1%).

Despite some workplace dissatisfaction among those surveyed, the majority say they’re much happier working at home. 65.8% of the employees surveyed reported having good mental health and shared why that is.  

The findings said that the size and type of company that our survey respondents worked for proved to have a significant effect on their reported mental health. Employees of small companies (10 to 49 employees) seemed happiest with 72.5% rating their mental health as good. Meanwhile, only 59.8% of employees from large companies (250+ employees) said the same. When it came to the industries they worked in, the industry with the highest percentage of employees reporting good mental health was finance and insurance. Manufacturing came in at a close second.

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