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8-year-old takes parents’ car for 87-mph joyride on the Autobahn

He should have stuck to his Hot Wheels.

An 8-year-old German boy took his parents’ Volkswagen Golf on a late-night joyride on the Autobahn, hitting speeds of 87 miles per hour, the Guardian reported.

The pint-size speed demon even had the presence of mind to pull over, put on the car’s hazard lights and place a warning triangle behind the vehicle when he started feeling sick five miles into the ride.

The juvenile joyrider’s parents didn’t realize their son was missing with the family car until 12:25 a.m. Wednesday, and called police. When the cops got to the boy and found him safe and sound — and sitting still — about an hour later, he told them through tears that he “just wanted to drive a little bit.”

He said he had been behind the wheel of go-karts and bumper cars before, but this was his first shot at the real deal — complete with automatic transmission.

Police said no one was hurt and no property was damaged during the drive.

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