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‘You make me better’ Emotional Lacey Turner pays tribute to EastEnders co-star

Soap Awards: Lacey Turner and Gillian Wright win award

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The Stacey Slater actress, who has starred in EastEnders since 2004, was visibly moved as she and Jean Slater star Gillian took to the stage to collect their award for Best On-Screen Partnership at the British Soap Awards. As Gillian deemed Lacey the “most talented and generous actor,” her onscreen daughter became emotional. When it was her turn to speak, she credited Gillian with making her “better”.

The pair were nominated for their performance in Jean’s bipolar storyline, which saw the soap favourite suffering an extreme manic episode.

Gillian commented: “This is the best award to get, I love working with this lady.

“She is the most talented and generous, instinctive and truthful actor I know.

“She brings a lot of joy and happiness to the set, everyone loves her and why wouldn’t they.”

She continued: “It is an absolute privilege to work with you, may I never take it for granted.”

A clearly-moved Lacey remarked: “I have watched you work for the last 15 years and it is such an honour.

“The amount of effort you put into Jean is mesmerising and you make me a better actor.”

On the red carpet, Gillian, 62, said she was “overwhelmed” to have topped nominations with a total of five potential wins.

She said: “I think they [the public] like Jean and Stacey, that mother-daughter relationship and because it is about bipolar and it reminds some viewers of the early days of Jean’s bipolar story.

“The nominations were a surprise, the competition is high. I am ever so nervous about it.”

Speaking about filming her Hall Of Mirrors storyline in Southend in Essex, which was up for best storyline, best single episode and scene of the year, Gillian was delighted.

She stated: “It was joyous, a lovely shoot and we all loved being there, it was great although the water was cold.”

She added that working with co-star Lacey Turner is “a delight”.

The duo have worked on screen together since Jean became a permanent character in 2005.

As a long-term mother and daughter team on the soap, they have been through extreme ups and downs through the years.

More recently, Jean’s biploar relapse has brought up some fresh trouble for the family.

Jean was hospitalised in recent scenes after she and Stacey got into an argument and she accidentally injured her daughter.

Stacey ended up having to be treated for sepsis, and the truth about how she became injured came out.

Although Stacey tried to convince her mother to stay, Jean knew she needed more help and support.

EastEnders continues on Monday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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