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‘You cant do that! Nadhim Zahawi erupts at Susanna Reid over hypothetical tax questions

Susanna Reid clashes with Nadhim Zahawi on tax rises

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Susanna Reid quizzed the Vaccines Minister on whether the National Insurance increase is unfair but Nadhim Zahawi said he didn’t want to speculate the Prime Minister’s announcement later on in the day. As Good Morning Britain hosts Reid and Ben Shephard challenged Zahawi to give an answer, he told them to stop asking hypothetical questions.

“We know from the briefings how it’s going to happen,” Reid began. “It’s going to be a National Insurance increase and it’s going to be 1.25 percent.

“I think we know that from reading what details have been leaked. There is a huge concern over increasing National Insurance because it disproportionately falls on those at the lower end of wages and it isn’t levied as we’ve just heard from Edwina Currie on those over pension age of 66, who might continue working.

“There’s an argument that is simply unfair. Now I know you don’t want to go into the details but is a system like that, fair?”

“So again, you open your question by saying, ‘We know from speculation and leaks,’ what I would say to you and your viewers is wait until the details are announced today in Parliament,” Zahawi stated.

“There will be a press conference afterwards with the Chancellor, and the Health Secretary, and the Prime Minister.

“They and I will happily, one come on your show and take you through the details but more importantly debate it in parliament because I think it’s right that we explain how we are funding this.

“That is the remit of the Chancellor and it would be wrong of me to speculate and preempt my Prime Minister’s announcement today so you will forgive me..”

“Let me ask you as a hypothetical,” Reid cut in but Zahawi would not allow it.

He exclaimed: “No you can’t! You can’t!”

“Would an increase in just over one percent of national insurance be fair?” Reid asked.

Zahawi shook his head: “Susanna you can’t do that. That is a hypothetical and you know what will happen. I am part of the government…”

Shephard leapt in to point out: “Nadhim Zahawi, you’ve come on this morning, each morning a government minister gets put on, or an MP gets put on to answer the questions of the day.

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“This is the question of the day. We know and you know what you are doing is avoiding the question so you don’t have to answer when actually as Susanna said the briefing that has been given to the newspapers is usually pretty accurate and we will hear it from Boris Johnson.

“It is good to get your perspective as somebody in the government, somebody who is front and centre of all these things, as to whether this would be a fair way of trying to fill the gap that social care desperately needs.”

Many of those tuning in were quick to comment on the interview, with one posting: “They should tax all the luvvies and tv presenters on mega bucks create a new tax bracket for above £100k that’ll do it.”

Another added: “I really don’t see the point of this section of the show, every minister that comes on avoids or dances round the question and all the presenters do is interrupt them and don’t give them the opportunity to even answer (or not as the case may be)!”

A third continued: “God where’s @piersmorgan, as someone else added: “So what if they increase the NI then a year or two down the road privatise health care? You know this is their goal.

“They’re not interested in saving the NHS, They see it as a burden, Hence the poor investment over the years. They want it to systematically fail.”

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