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Yellowstone’s Christina star hints at season 5 exit with tribute to show Was a pleasure

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Christina’s (played by Katherine Cunningham) return to Yellowstone in season four was undoubtedly one of the show’s most talked-about moments from its latest run. Reuniting with Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) and with his scheming biological father Garrett Randall (Will Patton) on side, Christina came back into Jamie’s life with their young son in tow and with a plan to take down John Dutton (Kevin Costner). However, given the events of the season four finale, Christina’s place in the Paramount drama looks in doubt.

Christina first left Jamie due to his deadly loyalty and allegiance to John, the Duttons and the ranch as a whole – especially after the death of journalist Sarah Nguyen (Michaela Conlin).

So if she discovers in season five Jamie has not only killed Garrett but will now be well and truly under John and the Duttons’ control, it’s likely she’ll up sticks again.

After all, Beth has a photo of Jamie ditching Garrett’s body and fans have already seen how desperate he is to avoid jail and do what he can to escape responsibility.

So should the drama be back for season five, will Christina and her son still be a part of Jamie’s life? Actor Cunningham may have just fueled the theory she won’t be back.

Taking to Instagram earlier this week, Cunningham reflected on her time on the show and penned a heartfelt tribute.

Alongside a number of snaps from her time filming, Cunningham penned to her 7,443 followers: “It was such a pleasure to be gifted the opportunity to work on Yellowstone Season 4.

“We had been in lockdown in Los Angeles and everything was uncertain. I remember being deeply sad, in mourning for the life I knew. Then Yellowstone called and asked if my family and I wanted to come to Montana for a month. 

“When we got there, it felt like taking a weighted blanket off our chests. One, because we were out of the city and two, the safety protocol production had put in place made us feel secure in our day to day.”

Cunningham continued to gush over her time on the series as she went on: “We could breath again, hike the trails, we ran into SO MANY BEARS! We walked along the Bitterroot and enjoyed our time together as a family. My older daughter was elated to be out and about again.

“I usually do an appreciation post after a job. This appreciation post feels different because I wasn’t just going to work, my family and I were getting out of the city to live our lives again. 

“What I remember most was the little things. Shannon and I eating outside with the beautiful mountains in the background. Having a heart to heart with Tim while he trimmed up my incredibly long Covid hair, getting to finally be directed by the incredible Christina Voros, Johnetta, our costume designer, leaving me a sweet note, Kether our AD gracefully helping me through this whole process. 

“Jessica hanging out with my older daughter (Jess, if you see this, she still talks about you.) and Will and Wes playing with May. Honestly, I’m just grateful to have been in touch with such wonderful human beings during a scary time.”

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The Christina actor signed off with a nod to showrunner Taylor Sheridan as she concluded: “Thank you Yellowstone and Taylor Sheridan for having us.

“Most of all, thank you to the fans for watching.” (sic)

While there’s still been no official word on season five of Yellowstone, Cunningham’s tribute could be interpreted as a full stop on her time on the show – especially given the “thanks for having us” quote.

And it led to a number of Cunningham’s followers replying to the post to plead she does return in the next series.

Outlining their hopes, @teta_mel_racko replied: “It was a good surprise to see you back. Maybe we’ll see you again next season 5!”

And roberto.richardson.3 agreed: “I was truly happy and surprised when I read that Christina was back after a two-season hiatus. I was wondering it the writing team would bring the ‘Jamie’s baby’ storyline back. 

“I love Jamie and Christina together, and hope to see more of you and Wes Bentley in Season 5!”

While shytbyrd1 concurred: “I was so happy they brought you back! Hope the story leaves you and Wes happily together in season 5!!”

Fans will have to wait until season five is confirmed and released to see what the future holds for Christina – but it doesn’t exactly look good.

Yellowstone seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Paramount Network in the USA now. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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