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‘Will you at least go inside?’ Ben Hillman pleads as guest refuses to enter property

A Place in the Sun: Ben asks guest to go inside property

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During the latest rerun of A Place in the Sun, Channel 4 presenter Ben Hillman was on a mission to help mother and son Martine and Remi find their dream family holiday home in France. Martine had a maximum budget of £125,000 and was hoping to make a permanent move to the island of Oleron in France. With her budget, Martine was hoping to find a small house with two bedrooms and a garden. However, during one viewing, Ben had to convince Martine to step foot inside the property after he explained it didn’t have any outdoor space.

Before they had even begun the search, Ben admitted it was going to be struggle to find Martine everything she wanted with her “small budget”.

The first property Ben took the duo to was a two-bed house, although it was priced at £130,000 which was over the house hunter’s budget.

“I’m very impressed,” Martine said before they had even stepped foot inside.

The property expert went on to admit the house did need a bit of work.

Despite liking the property, Martine and her son were quick to shut it down after airing their concerns.

Martine felt the house was located too far away from local amenities, while Remi was worried about the steep staircase.

The second property was a bungalow with a private garden, although it was once again priced above Martine’s budget at £130,000.

There were aspects the duo liked about the bungalow, but they explained to Ben it wasn’t a contender.

When the trio paid a visit to the third property, Martine and Remi ruled out the first two properties after instantly falling in love with the holiday home.

Ben knew he had a challenge on his hands to beat the third property, although he had high hopes for the fourth.

However, things quickly took a turn after Martine instantly took a dislike to the house.

As soon as Ben told her it didn’t come with any outdoor space or a garden, she was put off.


The interior designer was forced to persuade Martine and Remi to view the holiday home after she refused to step foot inside.

“Will you at least go inside?” the property expert pleaded with Martine.

After trying to point out the positives, the guest agreed to view the house.

Although just minutes into the viewing, Martine and Remi halted the search as they had seen enough.


The fifth house appeared to impress the duo as it was a lot bigger than Martine expected.

When it came to putting in an offer for one of the five properties, Martine decided to think about her options.

Despite falling in love with the third holiday home, she explained to Ben she needed more time to think about it.

“I have registered my interest with the estate agent,” she explained. “And I’m going to come back in two weeks time.”

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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