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Who is Line of Duty's DS Chris Lomax?

LINE of Duty season six saw some brand new faces introduced to viewers.

One of them was DS Chris Lomax, who became the subject of suspicion. Here's more about him…

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Who is Line Of Duty's DS Chris Lomax?

DS Chris Lomax was part of the team investigating Operation Lighthouse in Line Of Duty.

He was in the police convoy that got diverted due to the armed robbery on a bookies in episode one.

He also headed up the forensic investigation into the OCG workshop were firearms were being held.

Some viewers thought Lomax was a double agent after he was seen speaking to a crime scene investigator on an industrial estate.

He was seen speaking to a crime scene investigator on the estate.

As Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming headed towards him, he said to the person in the white overalls: "Meet you in the Red Lion at 8pm."

What some viewers may now know is that actor Perry Fitzpatrick has known his co-star Vicky McClure for 20 years.

Perry told The Sun: “Me and Vicky, we've been best mates for 20-odd years and, no, we've never gone out with each other.

“We're so close, we're more like brother and sister and our families know each other, so I think it would be weird if we did.

“We know each other so well, we've been friends since we were 11 and we trust each other so much. And her partner, Jonny Owen is great, we’re good friends too.”

Who plays DS Chris Lomax?

The character is played by actor Perry Fitzpatrick.

He has appeared in a number of well known shows including Peaky Blinders,

Perry is well known for playing Flip, the hilarious moped gang leader in Shane Meadow’s Channel 4 drama, This Is England.

Perry played Chris Webster, the love interest of gay butler Thomas Barrow in the 2019 Downton Abbey movie.

He also featured in Channel 4 drama I Am Nicola alongside Line of Duty co-star Vicky McClure.

Fitzpatrick has had roles in Netflix series Cursed and BBC series Man Like Mobeen.

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