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Who is Frank Gardner's ex-wife Amanda Pearson?

AMANDA Pearson was the wife of BBC's Security Correspondent Frank Gardner for 21 years.

Gardner was paralysed 16 years ago during a stint reporting in Saudi Arabia, and Amanda stayed by his side during the ordeal.

Who is Frank Gardner's ex-wife Amanda Pearson?

Amanda Pearson is the ex-wife of BBC's Security Correspondent, Frank Gardner.

Hailing from New Zealand, Amanda played a huge role in Frank's recovery after he was shot by Al Qaeda in 2004.

Not much is known about Amanda, but she was married to Gardner for almost 22 years.

When did Frank Gardner and Amanda Pearson get married?

Frank met his wife Amanda Jane Pearson when he was working as an investment banker in Bahrain.

According to the Daily Mail, they were introduced after she crashed a party he was throwing.

The pair married in 1997 and now have two children — Sasha, 20, and Melissa, 19.

When did the couple get divorced?

Frank's representatives told the press that the couple split in 2018.

Frank told the Daily Mail that ex-wife Amanda was "a fantastic pillar of support" during his rehabilitation. 

However, he explained that the pair grew apart.

He said: "Those close to you also bear the brunt. To say that Amanda was important during the years of my recovery would again be an understatement. She did a fantastic job of righting the ship that was our family, which had capsized after the attack. 

"She got us back up and running again. There’s no doubt that my injuries put pressure on our relationship, but our break-up wasn’t about my disability. 

"After 22 years of marriage, we’d simply grown apart. We’re still friends, and I’ll always be grateful for what she’s done for me."

 Frank is now dating BBC weather presenter Elizabeth Rizzini, after meeting her in a lift at work.

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