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When Calls the Heart star Marcus Rosner pays tribute to Erin Krakow

When Calls the Heart: Preview teases season 9 finale

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Despite his season two exit, Marcus Rosner has returned to screens with the showing of his hit rom-com dramas on the GREAT! Romance channel. In an exclusive interview with, the actor thought back to his time on When Calls the Heart and paid tribute to his former co-star Erin Krakow.

As viewers await the premiere of season 10, fans were thrilled to see When Calls the Heart renewed for a season 11.

While Elizabeth Thatcher (played by Erin Krakow) will become a fiancée, longtime fans will recall when she had to make a tough decision between two love interests.

Back in season two, Charles Kensington (Marcus Rosner) confessed his undying love for her, while she was in a relationship with Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing).

However, this didn’t go as planned and after Elizabeth rejected Charles, he was left heartbroken and was never seen again in the series.

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During an interview with, Marcus explained his character’s dynamic with Elizabeth: “Erin’s character and my character were meant to have sort of grown up together and have this lifelong connection.

“Erin was the main person I was sharing scenes with even back then, in the second season of this long-running series.”

Praising the actress, he shared: “She sort of had this great leadership quality to her, she was just a wonderfully calm confident person that led with kindness.

“When you’re the star of the show you have a lot of power, especially in the atmosphere on set.

“She just dictated such a great atmosphere and that was something I always appreciated,” Marcus added.

Although Charles harboured feelings for Elizabeth, she always looked at him as a trustworthy friend.

To make matters worse, he was encouraged to confess his feelings by Elizabeth’s sister Viola Thatcher (Devon Weigel).

She also motivated Charles to convince Elizabeth to move back to Hamilton to spend the rest of their days there together.

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After the pep talk, Charles travelled to Hope Valley and proposed to Elizabeth, despite her romance with Jack.

As this took place in 2015, many wondered if he would ever return and try to patch things up with Elizabeth.

When asked, Marcus told “I think the moment has come and gone, I got a lot of good friends on that show still and they’re chugging along with great success.

“It would be very hard to envision Charles back in town.”

Thankfully for fans, Marcus will be back on the GREAT! Romance channel with his other starring roles in A Vineyard Romance.

Speaking on the drama, the actor shared: “GREAT! Romance is showing A Vineyard Romance.

“A movie I starred in with Rebecca Olson and which was written and directed by my great friend Lucie Guest and was shot in a great place in British Columbia, Canada a couple of years back now.

“It’s a very sweet movie about a wine-making family and we fall in love on a vineyard.

“That film is very special because it has really beautiful vistas and shots which make the film so nice.”

GREAT! Romance is available on Freeview 52, Freesat 303, Sky 319 and Virgin 424.

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