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What time is EastEnders on tonight? Full schedule and storyline catch up

EASTENDERS returns tonight with the show’s first new episodes in three months. 

The BBC One soap was forced off air for the first time in its 35-year history due to the pandemic. But, after a summer of filler shows, what fans really want to know is when does EastEnders start tonight and what is there to catch up on?

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What time does EastEnders start tonight?

EastEnders will be making its long-awaited return to BBC One tonight with a 21 minute episode at 8.05pm.

From then on, the soap will be airing four nights a week at the slightly shorter length of twenty minutes instead of the usual half-hour.

Monday 7th September – 8.05pm

Tuesday 8th September – 7.35pm

Thursday 10th September – 7.35pm

Friday 11th September – 8.30pm

Speaking about the return of EastEnders, Executive Producer Jon Sen said: “From the moment we turned the lights out in The Queen Vic our ambition was to come back with a bang and this autumn certainly does that.

"As soon as Albert Square reawakens the drama returns at a pace and, although working within social distancing guidelines has certainly given us some new challenges, I am incredibly proud of what everyone has achieved. The show is looking fantastic and we can’t wait for 'series two' to begin…"

What storylines do EastEnders fans need to catch up on?

Sharon and Ian swooped in

Fans were left speechless as Sharon Mitchell and Ian Beale swooped in to buy the Queen Vic before the soap went off air due to the coronavirus. 

Phil had been in line to buy the pub from the Carters, but Linda had a change of heart after discovering the awful way Phil had been treating Sharon. 

Linda’s last-minute decision to sell to Sharon and Ian set the seen nicely for a ‘duff duff’ cliffhanger.

Dotty vowed to expose Ian

Ian Beale made a wrong move when he got his nemesis Dotty arrested for dealing drugs – and suspended from her university by telling them about the arrest. 

Dotty was having none of it and confronted Ian about what happened with the police.

Furious, the teen then vowed to tell Sharon that Ian killed her son Dennis – a secret Dotty discovered back in March.

There was some Ballum drama

Ben’s temperature rose thanks to a fever, leading Callum to dose him up with some strong medication.

But after Callum left for the day, Ben collapsed and was rushed to the hospital by Jay.

Ben was discharged after learning his burst eardrum would get better and that he’d still be able to have the operation to get his cochlear implant.

Gray got more controlling

After tracking Chantelle’s car, Gray quizzed his poor wife about where she’d gone when she drove it the previous week. 

Viewers know that Ben Mitchell used the car to drive to Stratford after he became embroiled in his dad Phil’s dodgy robbery scheme.

But when Chantelle said she’d been at the dentist when Gray suspected her of being behind the wheel, he was left convinced she must be cheating on him. 

Billy gave Karen an ultimatum

Mitch and Billy went head to head to win Karen’s affections. 

After the fight spilled out onto the street, viewers saw Billy clutching a bloodied tissue to his face. 

A defeated Billy then gave Karen an ultimatum and insisted she choose between him and Mitch for good.

What’s happening tonight in EastEnders?

Dotty tells Sharon Ian’s killer secret

Tonight's episode will see the day of Dotty’s court hearing arrives after her arrest at Ruby’s club.

Ian and Dotty come to an agreement and he changes his statement to drop the charges in return for Dotty’s silence about Dennis.

But later, Ian puts his foot in it by winding Dotty up again and she storms over to The Vic. 

It all kicks off as Dotty tells Sharon that Ian is the reason Denny died.

Chantelle decides to leave Gray

Tonight’s episode of the soap will see fans get what they’ve been waiting for as Chantelle finally realises she needs to break free from Gray’s clutches after months of torture during lockdown.

The upcoming scenes will see her organise to meet with one of Gray’s rival law firms to seek out the best divorce lawyer.

But the hairdresser is gutted when she realises it’s going to be expensive. 

Meanwhile, Gray continues to try and control his wife’s every move and installs a tracking app to Chantelle’s phone and takes her credit card. 

Later, Chantelle meets with Kheerat to ask if he can lend her money.

Will he help her?

It’s the day of Ben’s operation

Tonight viewers will see Callum try and hurry up with his work so he can support Ben on the day of his cochlear implant switch-on.

Meanwhile, Ben hatches a plan to take their relationship to the next stage and decides to present Callum with a key to the Mitchell household.

Callum spots Ben on CCTV footage from the warehouse robbery

At work, Callum tries to get a shift on with his job trawling through CCTV footage from a warehouse.

But he’s stunned when he recognises Ben in the shadows. 

Callum panics when his boss tells him their new target is Danny Hardcastle and that he wants all evidence of his involvement in the warehouse robbery.

Will Callum tell him what he’s seen?

Ruby discovers someone has stolen her identity 

Ruby and Martin – who have made their relationship official over lockdown – try to ignore snarky comments from Kat. 

Later, Ruby is shocked to discover that someone has stolen her identity and has been making purchases on her card. 

Mick is on the hunt for a job

Viewers will remember that Mick and Linda sold their precious pub in an effort to help Linda’s recovery from alcoholism earlier this year.

But viewers will see the couple worry about money in upcoming scenes as Linda starts a new job at the Laundrette.

Meanwhile, Mick desperately searches for a new job.

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