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What did Kel do to Paul on Coronation Street and is he leaving?

Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) and Gemma Winter’s (Dolly-Rose Campbell) mum’s ex-partner Kel (Joseph Alessi) has been causing Paul no small amount of turmoil on Coronation Street after he came back on the scene and resumed his relationship with Bernie (Jane Hazelgrove).

Kel and Bernie (Jane Hazelgrove) got back together after he let her off the hook for shoplifting – a classic meet-cute.

But what Bernie didn’t know is that her ex has a very dark secret concerning her son…

What did Kel do to Paul on Corrie?

The vile Kel groomed Paul when he was just 14 years old.

Kel previously held such sway over Paul that he believed for years that their tryst was consensual.

But Billy (Daniel Brocklebank), knows what really happened and has been trying to help Paul see the abuse for what it really was.

In scenes tonight, Paul’s family will come to know the truth about what was done to him.

Paul has been keeping the abuse a secret but Gemma and Bernie will break into Kel’s flat when they come to suspect that Kel has been thieving.

In his house, they’ll not only find stolen items, like Daniel’s (Rob Mallard) laptop, with Sinead’s (Katie McGlynn) precious goodbye messages on it, but they’ll also stumble across old pictures of Paul along with other children.

Bernie and her daughter will come back home armed with both the laptop and the pictures.

With all that evidence, Paul will find that he can no longer hide what was done to him, and Bernie and Gemma will understandably be left shocked.

We know that Kel will hold Bernie hostage after she confronts him over his horrid secret, but Bernie isn’t one to go down without a fight, especially when the man she’ll be fighting abused her son.

We know that Kel isn’t long for the cobbles, and that the paedophile will eventually be caught by Bernie trying to meet with a child.

Will this be what finally beings the predator to justice? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

Coronation Street continues Friday 22 November at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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