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Vampire Academy showrunners break silence on character changes – and Dimitri’s duster

If there’s one Vampire Academy Easter egg fans are hoping to see in the upcoming Peacock series, it’s Dimitri’s duster – and in good news for fans, Julie Plec and Marguerite Macintyre have told HELLO! that yes, it will make an appearance.

The pair laughed when asked about the item of clothing that has become a fan favourite and identifies the guardian in Richelle Mead’s beloved series. During the show’s panel at San Diego Comic Con the duster made an appearance in an opening sizzle reel.

Daniela Neves plays Lissa, the royal vampire

The first book of the series isn’t just a high school vampire story though, with class politics and mental health issues at play, something both Julie and Marguerite promise will be in the show.

“As far as Lissa, we didn’t want to glorify self harm and so we paid service at the beginning and then moved off if it,” said Julie, “she has other pyschological as a result of trauma.”

“But the class bias and the fraying of the rules of this tightly wound society was covered over the six books and escalated, and so we jumped in with this at the beginning as we loved the royal intrigue and politics of the last few books.”

“The why now of it as well,” added Marguerite, “there’s thematic underpinnings that are so resonant and we weren’t going to bury the lead on that.” 

Sisi Stringer stars as Rose and Kieron Moore as Dimitri

The show has cut certain characters and amalgamated others, and Julie says she’s most excited for fans to see the development of these new stories, including “Lissa and her relationship with her brother before he passes, and making Mia a mix of Mia and Natalie, and so I’m excited to see how she works as a sister to Sonya. And we’re excited for a romantic relationship between Mia and the beloved Meredith, and their relationship.”

As for any fears over a response from a passionate fandom to these changes, Julie trusts in the storytelling.

“I have an incredible respect for fandom and my entire career is built on the enthusiasm of fandom,” she said, “but when it comes down to ‘well, Rose isn’t white or Lissa doesn’t have blonde hair,’ well, we have to respect the world to live in now

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