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Twitter Lays Into 'Bachelorette' Resident 'Psychopath' After All Hell Breaks Loose on Wild Night

Fans quickly chose sides in the battle of the Lukes — with Luke P losing hardcore — as Hannah B seem to be the only one who likes this guy!

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd in the early weeks of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," but one contestant is having no problem being seen or heard on Hannah Brown’s season … for all the wrong reasons.

This week, it was a literal battle of the Lukes during a rugby game when Luke Parker got a little — some would argue unnecessarily — aggressive with Luke Stone. And then this feud between the two became the topic of conversation for all of Hannah’s interactions with the other guys.

It’s understandable, though, because she doesn’t seem to be on the same page as anyone about Luke P. She said she had stronger feelings for him than anyone and totally took his side when he accused Luke Stone of only talking about his liquor company on the show rather than Hannah.

Fun note, for most viewers this was basically the first they’d heard of it, so either Luke P is way off or Luke S is getting a very favorable edit.

Then when Luke P went back to the guys after his one-on-one chat (i.e. throw-Luke-S.-under-the-bus session) with Hannah, the guys left en masse. Maybe Hannah is on the same page as them after all; after all, they seem to have pretty strong feelings about him, too.

The only one who stuck around was Luke S, who became the first on the night to call Luke P a psychopath. Later, when Mike confronted Luke P about Hannah being unhappy and P quickly blamed S for it, Mike wound up also calling him a psychopath. This led to P pulling up the dictionary definition of psychopath.

"I’m the opposite of that," he said. Maybe the word they’re looking for is sociopath? Maybe they’re just trying to say that something seems off with this guy and they don’t know the clinical diagnosis. What’s the clinical term for "rubs everyone the wrong way?"

Not to mention that Luke P seems to have a serious issue with anyone else dating Hannah B. You see, he caught feelings for her like on their first date, so doesn’t the bro code mean everyone else has to back off now? Show’s over, folks. Nothing more to see here. I chose Hannah and that’s it. She doesn’t get a say.

What show does he think this is? He’s not "The Bachelor."

And it wasn’t just the other guys on the show, either, that were less than impressed with him. Bachelor Nation got Luke P trending on Twitter during and after the show to express their own feelings about the guy. Either he’s getting the worst edit of the season, or he’s legit the villain.

Interesting that Hannah seems to currently be hung up on the "bad boy." We’ll have to see if that changes as the season progresses.

And maybe we can finally find something else to talk about in a two-hour show than one dude. Seriously, all these other guys would probably love to talk about anything other than Luke P every time they get a moment alone with Hannah.

Check out some of the fired up reactions to the latest antics from one Mr. Luke Parker below:

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