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Trevor Noah And The Daily Show Say Texas Regulators Are Playing The Blame Game

The freak winter storm in Texas is seeing people still waiting for the heat to come back on after three days. And it’s no longer fun, notes Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.

“All right, this is awful,” said the show host. “I know people were praying for Texas to go blue, but not like this.”

Under freezing conditions that would be too much for Frozen’s Elsa, some people have resorted to scotch taping blankets to the windows in an effort to keep heat in the house. Noah was appalled. “That’s how you hide the weed smell from your R.A.”

Luckily, some leaders in Texas have stepped up. Save for one mayor, who told his constituents to “stop bitching.”

“Damn, that’s one way to be a leader, telling your people to fend for themselves during a disaster,” said Noah. “Why did this guy want to be a mayor if he didn’t want to help people.”

It’s like a doctor telling people to take out their own livers, Noah said.

The real problem is the blame game, Noah noted. The Texas energy industry has lacked oversight since it was deregulated in the 1990s. That’s led to a lack of preparation for the inevitable disaster. “More people were keeping track of Britney Spears,” Noah said.

“This is embarrassing for Texas leaders, who take pride in the energy industry. “Now that industry has failed. It’s like Jason Momoa needing help to open a pickle jar.”

But like the people who try to blame the New York Jets record on the waterboy, some Texas leaders have found a scapegoat. Watch the video for the identity.

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