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Towie's Pete Wicks rules out a relationship with co-star Ella Rae Wise and says he's better off single

PETE Wicks has ruled out a relationship with his Towie co-star Ella Rae Wise and says he's better off single.

The reality TV lothario has vowed to stay single until he learns to love himself.

Pete, 32, has just apologised to a 'mugged off' Ella for playing down their secret off-screen kiss.

He has admitted there is sexual tension between the pair.

But Pete, who was secretly dating Chloe Sims, 38, for two-years, ruled out another romance to instead focus on 'self-love'.

He said: "I still want the fairytale. Of course I do. Who doesn't? I would love to meet someone but there's no point putting pressure on yourself to find it or have it. 

"I think one of the biggest things I've learnt through lockdown is the importance of self-love. 

"It's true you can't really love someone if you don't love yourself and that's what I've been working on.

"Pete who also famously dated Megan McKenna, admitted he had been a 'lost cause' when it came to love.

But he has spent the latest lockdown working hard on loving himself. 

He said: "I have been a lost cause in the past. But I have used this time to work on the reasons why I am a lost cause. 

"I think I am better off single at the moment.

"But I want to make sure when I do start dating again I am ready."I want to be able to give the best version of myself rather than half a version of me which I don't think is a very good representation of me. 

"The reason I've failed at relationships is because I haven't been happy with who I am. 

"I've then gone into relationships and not been able to handle the pressure of them. 

"You end up feeling suffocated and how is anyone going to fall in love with you if you're not happy or in love with yourself."

Pete has become public enemy number one on the show due to his womanising antics. 

Former lover Chloe and a handful of other cast members have unfollowed him on social media.

But Pete denied doing anything wrong.

He added: "My only aim and goal in my life right now is to love myself and find my peace of mind. 

"Being selfish has a really negative connotation but making sure you're happy first should be everyone's priority. 

"I am quite hard on myself a lot of the time and I go into things not in the right headspace.

"Things then start to spiral and go wrong and you end up in something you should have never been in in the beginning. 

"At the minute I am just trying to enjoy every day for what it is and not think about the future."

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