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Tom Hiddleston Says 'Clearly' Superior Alligator Loki Caused Delays on 'Loki' Set (Video)

To be fair to the stuffed alligator, it was because they kept forgetting about him

“It actually was funny because, obviously, he’s made out of these three discarded cushions sewn up with some eyes on,” the Marvel star continued. “No offense to Alligator Loki, clearly the superior Loki, but I would sometimes be doing a scene and you’d think, ‘Ok, we’re going to get the wide shot and then the two shot and we’ll do Owen’s coverage and we’ll get everyone’s closeups and coverage.’ And you think, ‘OK, that felt like a great scene. I think we’re done. Are we moving on?’ And we’d all sort of wrap, ‘That was a great scene! That was a great scene! See you tomorrow.’”

Hiddleston added: “And someone would go, ‘Hang on a second! We have to shoot the alligator.’ You’d forget he was in this shot. ‘Sorry, yeah, I’ll put my mic back on.’”

Watch Hiddleston’s full interview via the video above, in which he reveals a shot of animated Loki from the upcoming Disney+ series “What If…?” and teases Wednesday’s finale of “Loki.”

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