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Tipping Points Ben Shephard shares rare snap with sons on sweet family outing

Good Morning Britain star Ben Shephard shared a rare glimpse of his family life as the proud dad-of-two enjoyed a special day out in London.

The TV presenter took to social media to post a rare photo with his wife alongside their two sons, Sam, 16, and Jack, 14, as they strolled the busy streets to celebrate his recent birthday.

The star wrote: "So just wanted to say thank you for all the really lovely birthday messages. I had a great day can’t believe I’ve had 47 of them!?!?

"[Very] special day with the family, the only benefit of these two getting way bigger than me, is they can hold me up too!!"

One snap showed Ben with an arm around each of the boys as they walked and the trio were clearly deep in conversation.

The second picture showed Ben posing for a selfie with his wife Annie and their two sons frolicking in the background.

Ben's followers rushed to the comment section to praise the adorable snap and send him further birthday wishes.

One wrote: "Happy Birthday!! What a lovely pic xx."

Others commented: "Awww love this, happy birthday," another commented on the similarity between Ben and his sons: "I had to look which was you! Happy birthday.

Ben recently hit the headlines after he was accused of berating a contestant on Tipping Point after she threw away the chance at winning the cash jackpot.

The host wanted player Phoebe to "be braver" so she could have gone home with £10,000.

Ben said: "There we go, Phoebe's leaving with £3,050, she was pretty certain she wasn't going to take the trade… if she'd just been that little bit braver and taken it, she'd be leaving with £10,000!"

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Gutted for Phoebe. I liked her. She reminded me of my sister. Enjoyed her game, but buggered up at the end."

Another said: "Bad lucky, Phoebe. Well played."

It comes after viewers claimed they have "proof" that the machine favoured a contestant during Wednesday's show.

One contestant was seen banking £1,050 and 21 counters in the first round, while another was eliminated after banking just £200.

Viewers began joking that there's a secret 'magnet man' who favours contestants.

One wrote on Twitter: "Lucy has paid off Magnet Man, I am sure of it. She wants Ben."

Another said: "Looks like Magnet Man is working overtime today."

"Proof there is a Magnet Man," a third said.

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