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TikTok Theory Suggests Scar Ate Mufasa’s Body In The Lion King

A theory put forward by someone on TikTok hypothesizes what happened to Mufasa’s body in The Lion King, and it’s not cool.

Disney might own Marvel and Star Wars today, but the massive company’s bread and butter is the decades of animated movies it has given us before. Some of the most memorable and instantly recognizable movies and characters of all time. While the majority of Disney’s movie moments left us with happy childhood memories, others will have scarred us for life.

One of those moments happened very early on during 1994’s The Lion King. In what was the most shocking Disney moment since the death of Bambi’s mom (spoiler alert) 50 years prior, Scar killed his own brother Mufasa by hurling him into a canyon. If the fall didn’t kill the king, then the stampeding wildebeest finished him off.

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One TikTok user has asked a question no one else has despite The Lion King hitting theaters 27 years ago. What happened to Mufasa’s body? After a little research, which you can check out in the video below, it’s discovered that no other animal hunts, kills, and eats lions. Deeper research discovers that isn’t strictly true. Lions have been known to kill and eat each other, and by this point, you probably know what’s coming.

The TikTok user suggests that after killing his brother, Scar retrieves Mufasa’s body and eats it. Not only that, but the heinous villain keeps the skull. During a later scene in the movie, Scar is shown toying with a skull. When compared to a photo of a real-life lion skull, it’s easy to see that the animated head bone is definitely supposed to be that of a lion.

If Scar really did eat his dead brother, then that puts him up a significant amount of slots when it comes to the cinematic movie rankings. The last time you see Mufasa is when Simba is nudging his lifeless body. Scar then appears and tells Simba to run, warning him never to return. Perhaps Disney always intended to imply Scar consumed his fallen brother, or maybe its writers didn’t think kids watching needed to know how Mufasa’s body was disposed of.

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