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This Morning fans horrified as psychologist recounts stomach-churning moment murderer dropped his EYE in her lunch

THIS Morning fans were left horrified today when a forensic psychologist guest recounted the stomach-churning moment a murderer she was working with dropped his prosthetic EYE in her lunch.

Kerry Daynes opened up about her experience with the "sadistic" man to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, who looked understandably stunned by the tale.

The 47-year-old psychology expert said that the incident, which occured when she was in her early 20s, was when she realised that she needed to "put her emotions to one side" in order to stick with her grisly career.

Referring to it as the "pushing the eyeball to the side moment", Kerry explained: "I worked on a rehabilitation ward with an elderly man who had killed two women and he was incredibly sadistic, he liked to see fear and shock on the faces of young women.

"I was around 23 or 24 at the time, he also had a prosthetic eye. One day, he came up behind me while I was eating my lunch, which very unfortunately was tomato soup.

"He popped his prosthetic eye out into my lunch, so you can imagine – red splatters everywhere, and when your lunch is staring back at you you don't think logically.

"You don't think: 'This is nothing more than a marble, it's a piece of glass', as far as you're concerned it's an eyeball – a jellied piece of somebody's body and I gave him exactly the reaction that he wanted because I screamed the place down.

"I had to learn to think rationally, think logically, not with my emotions – and he did it several times and eventually I would just scoop his eyeball out of my lunch, put it to the side of my plate, and carry on eating and eventually he stopped."

Disgusted This Morning viewers flocked to social media to share their reaction to Kerry's story, with one writing: "What is this eye story #ThisMorning I have died, I must have.

"This is death and you can still tweet and daytime telly goes on. I must be in hell."

Another shared a gagging gif, adding: "I don’t want to hear about a prosthetic eye popping out thank you very much."

One more posted an image that read "not today, Satan".

A fourth fan shuddered: "Tomato soup staring back at you, terrifying."

One strong-stomached individual joked: "He was just trying to add some seasoning to your lunch, how ungrateful."

Kerry also revealed that one patient "stabbed" her with a kebab skewer as she detailed her fascinating career on the daytime show.

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