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The Yorkshire Vet’s Peter Wright speaks out on future of Channel 5 series

The Yorkshire Vet: Peter discusses his ‘concern’ over scrubs

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Peter Wright and Julian Norton have recently celebrated the 100th episode of The Yorkshire Vet along with the rest of the Channel 5 team. However, in a recent interview for Royal Television Society Yorkshire, Peter spoke out on what the future for the popular series holds and how long he plans to be a part of the show. 

Peter was asked: “What do you think the future holds for you and the programme?

“It sounds like you’re going to carry on being a vet forever but what do you hope for yourself and the programme?”

“Well I’ve done 39 years now and I have started working part-time,” he answered. 

“But that’s allowed me to do filming bits, in some ways given me more time to devote to The Yorkshire Vet.”

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Peter pointed out that at first he didn’t think the show would be particularly successful but was thankfully proven wrong. 

“I was quite proud of the fact that despite saying that no one would watch it, last month celebrated the 100th episode of The Yorkshire Vet,” he added. 

“That was quite a thing really and so we are working on the next series now.

“As long as Channel 5 want us, we’ll probably be there for them.”

The Yorkshire Vet has become a huge hit with the Gogglebox cast and has helped propel the show’s popularity. 

Discussing the show’s inclusion on Gogglebox, he said: “I find it amusing really.

“And what I find particularly amusing is the large spread of character that they have on the programme. 

“It’s very interesting seeing members of the public’s reaction to what you’re doing.

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“Some of the more gory stuff that we take for granted and then it’s very interested to see what the public’s reaction to it is.”

Peter explained he had once been disappointed with a critic’s review of the programme. 

The critic claimed that the particular episode he’d watched was “too gory”.

“Now I didn’t think it was but obviously you’ve got to try and understand that what isn’t gory for us can be extremely upsetting sometimes for members of the public.

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“I think watching Gogglebox brought to me an array of different feelings, emotions and reactions to what the public feel about the programme.”

However, Peter was quick to point out that vet programmes need to have elements of “gore” in order to be authentic.  

“We’ve got to be careful, we do put some stories in with a feel-good factor.

“But we also throw in one or two sad events as well because if you sanitise it too much it’s not a true portrayal of what you actually do.”

The Yorkshire Vet is available to watch on Channel 5.

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