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The View’s Sunny Hostin admits she would let co-host slap her

The View’s Sunny Hostin admits ‘I’d let you slap me’ as co-host warns they’ll ‘do it’ in wild moment on live show

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The View is known for dishing out bizarre moments between its panel of all-star female hosts, but this week it almost got physical. Host Sunny Hostin has boldly claimed she let her co-host Joy Behar slap her for $40million as the panel discussed Will Smith’s infamous Oscars slap.

The ladies discussed the moment Chris Rock got slapped at the Oscars during the hot topics segment.

Behar kicked off the conversation by bringing attention to the fact this year’s Oscar producers had claimed they plan to lean into Will Smith’s infamous slapping of Chris Rock in a humorous way.

The host then asked the panel how much they think producers should lean into it.

Hostin was first to chip in, stating: “I don’t think they should lean into it – I think they should mention it.”

After explaining her reasons, she added: “I mean, Chris Rock made $40million. I don’t like violence, but I think you could slap me for $40million.”

In an hilarious response to Hostin’s claim, Behar joked: “I could do it right now!”

“I mean,” Hostin said as she shrugged and raised her arms to her co-hosts offer.

Sara Haines then joined in on the running joke, adding: “I would do it for much less.”

Prior to Hostin’s claim, there was a serious discussion of Rock’s reaction to the slap and the consequences Smith is set to face as a result of his actions.

Hostin explained: “I don’t think [the Oscars] should lean into it, I think they should mention it. I love what Margaret Cho, our guest said the other day.

“She said Chris waited an entire year to address it so it felt less retaliatory and more responsive.”

Behar interrupted: “I don’t think Will thought it was easy on him,” to which Hostin defended Rock, bluntly adding: “Well he wasn’t the one who got slapped.”

Sara Haines was quick to agree with Hostin, speaking to the audience she said: “I think that it was Chris Rock’s moment to hold onto and process and he’s responded really well, actually.

“And now I think the button is there. Let’s let it go.” the host added.

While Haines also jumped to Smith’s defence, too saying: “The academy banned Will for ten years but I think that was the pendulum swinging too far.

“I don’t think he needed ten years of never coming back, and that was the Academy’s optics of looking like they had no plan in the first place.”

Following the shocking events that occurred at the Oscars last year, it is certain Smith will not be in attendance at Sunday’s ceremony.

As for Rock, the comedian revealed he turned down the opportunity to host the awards again this year, but his attendance as a guest also hangs in the balance.

According to The Daily Beast, Rock will not be making an appearance during Hollywood’s biggest award event.

The outlet reported the comedian is likely to stay on the east coast, far away from the ceremony in LA.

The View airs weekdays on ABC in the US.

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