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The story behind that Phillip Schofield reference in It's A Sin

Russell T Davies’ Channel 4 series It’s A Sin sparked confusion over a cheeky reference to Phillip Schofield in episode 3 – but it turns out it was a massive coincidence.

The This Morning presenter’s name was flung out during a conversation between Olly Alexander’s Ritchie Tozer and his boyfriend, as they talked about men who might be out in the showbiz industry.

The scene was filmed before Phillip came out as gay in February 2020 and naturally left audiences stumped over the whole shebang.

‘I’ll tell you who else, Phillip Schofield,’ Ritchie’s partner said.

‘Ooh, if only!’ Ritchie yearned.

His boyfriend then quipped: ‘I had a friend who worked on Broom Cupboard, said he’s at it like Billy-O.’

Viewers rushed to Twitter to point out the reference, with some commenting on the timing of the show and Phil coming out.

‘I watched #ItsASin and had to check filming dates due to the Phillip Schofield mention,’ wrote one. ‘Filming wrapped 7 days before he came out (officially). Must just be a coincidence?’

‘I got to the stage where I thought we sit here every day and some incredible person is sitting there and I am listening to their story and I am thinking they are so brave and I was thinking I have to be that person, all you can in your life is honest with yourself and I knew I wasn’t being honest with myself and as a family, we knew it was the right time.’

Phillip is yet to publicly comment on his cheeky It’s A Sin reference.

Besides his mention, the drama is packed full with pop culture references from the 80s, including Isla St Clair and Rock Hudson.

It’s A Sin airs Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4 with the entire box set available to stream on All 4.

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