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‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Says This Cooking Shortcut Is No Longer Taboo

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond is known for her comfort food and her show on The Food Network. Although she built a business on her recipes, Drummond admits she isn’t the perfect cook. In a recent interview with Today, she said it’s perfectly fine to take shortcuts with your recipes now and then. There’s one shortcut some home cooks have been hesitant to take, and you might have this same reservation. Here’s the one shortcut Ree Drummond says home cooks shouldn’t be ashamed of.

Ree Drummond loves Ina Garten

Ree Drummond toldToday she is a big fan of Ina Garten.She says she learned a lot from Garten when she was still perfecting her craftas a home cook. “She has the same effect on me that probably she has on a lotof people. She just puts me at ease. As an early home cook, I learned a lotfrom her, too,” said Drummond.

Ree Drummond says home cooks don’t have to feel ashamed of this shortcut

A lot of people love the taste of a hearty, home-cooked meal.Often, home-cooked meals are made with ingredients from scratch. However, Drummondsays it’s perfectly fine if you don’t make all your ingredients yourself. Ifyou’re pressed for time and have to use pre-made food for some parts of yourmeal, Drummond says that’s OK. Both she and Garten share this belief.

Drummond doesn’t feel it’s necessary to stress out over ameal that isn’t entirely made from scratch. “I really think my number one pieceof advice for a beginning home cook is to not expect yourself, not put thepressure on yourself, to make every single component of every meal fromscratch,” Drummond said during her Todayinterview. “Making things from scratch is amazing and I love to do it, as well,but when you can find really high quality, really delicious tasting ingredientsto help a meal along, then, don’t be afraid to try them!”

Ree says you don’t have to be a perfect cook

Do you feel pressure to cook everything perfectly? You don’thave to hold yourself to such high standards all the time. Drummond says it’simportant to have fun and just relax when you’re making meals at home. She toldToday she has adopted Ina Garten andBobby Flay’s laid-back attitude. “They just have the attitude that I tend tohave when I cook,” said Drummond. “Just throw this in and throw that in and youdon’t have to be so precise all the time. Just make it. Enjoy what you’re doingand love the people you’re making it for.”

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