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The Good Doctor: Glassman Scrubs Out (for Good?) Ahead of Season 6 Finale

Warning: The following contains spoilers about Season 6, Episode 21 of ABC’s The Good Doctor.

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Monday’s episode of The Good Doctor forced Dr. Glassman to face reality.

As much as the renowned brain surgeon wanted to believe that his surgical skills hadn’t been diminished by a recently discovered stroke, there was no way he could ignore it any longer. And even if he wanted to remain in a state of total denial, Shaun wouldn’t allow it.

Dr. Murphy looked on from the observation deck as Glassy hesitated, seven hours into an extremely high-risk surgery. When asked to recite the next step of the procedure — first by Shaun, then by Dr. Lim — he couldn’t do it. Humiliated and defeated, he walked out of the operating room — potentially for the last time.

“Despite my raging ego, I have always tried to make it about the patients, to do what’s best for them,” he’d eventually tell Lim. “I never thought that would mean putting down my knife.” But alas, the time had come.

Later on, Glassman confronted Shaun and told him just how much it hurt to have his diminished capacities pointed out in such a public way. And it was especially hurtful coming from Dr. Murphy, who he considers a son. Glassy told Shaun to leave him alone, then made a beeline for the elevator. By the time Lea called to tell her hubby that their “little peanut” was coming early, Glassy was long gone.

As previously reported, The Good Doctor‘s Season 6 finale airs Monday, May 1. In the episode, titled “Love’s Labor,” Shaun and Lea are heading to the delivery room and everyone from the hospital is also there — except for one very important person. Meanwhile, a tragic accident involving Drs. Perez and Kalu pulls everyone away, including Dr. Murphy. (The medical drama has already been renewed for Season 7.)

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