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The Expanse cancelled: Why is Amazon Prime series ending?

The Expanse: Trailer for final season of sci-fi epic

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The Expanse’s sixth and final season is set to premiere this week on December 10. The Amazon Prime Video series has been a major hit with fans, garnering a dedicated following over its six-year run. However, season six being the last has been a surprise for some viewers – here’s why it’s coming to an end.

Why has The Expanse been cancelled?

The Expanse was originally produced by the SyFy channel, with the first three seasons being developed by the network.

However, SyFy made the decision to cancel the show following the release of season three, leading to Amazon Prime picking the show up.

Since then, the following three seasons have continued to build on the world that was originally created by author James S A Corey.

Sadly, Amazon Prime has not confirmed a specific reason for the show coming to an end with season six.

It should be noted that Corey’s original novel series consists of nine books, with book nine, Leviathan Falls, being released just last month.

It means the show has not come to a natural end, with the sixth season only adapting book six in the story.

However, book seven Persepolis Rising features a significant time jump after the events of book six, potentially opening the door of a continuation for the show in years to come.

For all intents and purposes, season six promises to wrap up the story of The Expanse cleanly for viewers, though there is always the chance it could be saved again for a seventh season.

Will there be a season seven?

As of right now, it is unlikely the show will continue beyond season six, as Amazon Prime has not hinted at a revival of the show in the future.

However, The Expanse property is directly owned by the production company Alcon, which could choose to relocate the programme again if there was enough demand for another instalment.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the hope for another season, showrunner Naran Shankar admitted it was something he has considered.

Shankar explained: “You know, honestly, that would be more of a question for our studio, for Alcon.

“They control the property, but what I will say is that there’s definitely more to tell and I’m sure [writers Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham] would say exactly the same thing.

“But yeah, that’s probably about as much as I can say at this point.”

In the same interview, Dominique Tipper, who plays Naomi Nagata, also hinted that there could be a future beyond Amazon Prime.

“Look, this is the end of the TV show on Amazon,” Tipper explained, adding: “So, we’ll just have to see what happens.”

For now, fans will just have to see how season six plays out and keep an see if the show leaves the door open for more beyond the sixth season.

With for show being revived before, and the fact there are more novels to adapt, there are plenty of reasons for viewers to be optimistic. 

However, viewers shouldn’t expect a revival of the series soon, as it will likely be years before any further development with the property takes place.

The Expanse season six will premiere on December 10 exclusively on Amazon Prime.

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