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The Crown: Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle feature in The Crown?

The Crown season 3 was dropped on Netflix in November so fans of the royal drama will have to wait roughly an entire year to see which events the show will explore next. But viewers have already been questioning whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s story will appear in the show at a later date. So at one point will The Crown catch up with the present day?

In the first two series of The Crown, actress Claire Foy took on the role of Queen Elizabeth II alongside Matt Smith who played the Duke of Edinburgh.

Viewers saw the show cover events including the Queen’s coronation, the pair’s wedding day as well as more serious events such as the Suez Crisis in 1956 and the political scandal of the Profumo affair.

In the third series, Olivia Colman became the Queen, where she depicted the monarch’s life during the early 60s to late 70s.

The season featured the moon landing, the early days of Prince Charles (played by Josh O’Connor) and Camilla Parker Bowles (Emerald Fennell), and Harold Wilson’s (Jason Watkins) time as Prime Minister.


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Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s story be in The Crown?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing the story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle played out on television any time soon.

When asked about the possibility of them featuring in The Crown, the show’s creator Peter Morgan, told Entertainment Weekly it would be the wrong time to do so.

He said: “I know how my show is going to end — but that’s long before where we are now.

“I feel uncomfortable writing about events within a certain time period.

“I think there’s a certain amount of time within which, if you write about it, what you do instantly becomes journalistic.

“Because it’s too close to the moment. If you wait a certain amount of time, if you allow 15 or 20 years, basically a generation, between you and [the events] then you can write about it somewhat freely as drama.”

He continued: “Let’s wait 20 years and see what there is to say about Meghan Markle.

“I don’t know what there is to say about Meghan Markle at the moment. I wouldn’t know and I wouldn’t presume.

“She’ll only become interesting once we’ve had twenty years to digest who she is and what her impact has been.

“If I were to write about Meghan Markle I would automatically be writing journalistically. I’ve got nothing to say about Meghan Markle.”


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Executive producer of The Crown Suzanne Mackie recently reiterated Morgan’s point to the BBC.

She said: “To be honest, whatever the life of The Crown is after where we are now, I doubt we’ll ever go as far into the present day.”

So it does not look like we’ll be watching the recent drama unfold on Netflix’s The Crown.

Morgan has already stated he has already planned what is going to happen in six seasons so will not venture into recent years.


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Fans of the show have been speculating if they will appear in the drama following the news the couple will be stepping down as “senior royals”.

There are also questions surrounding if they will keep their current titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released a statement announcing they would work to become “financially independent” last week.

The Crown season 3 is available to watch on Netflix.

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