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'The Blacklist' Season 9: What Time Is the Finale on Tonight, May 27?

The Blacklist Season 9 finale airs tonight, May 27. Raymond Reddington is on the hunt for his former associate Marvin Gerard, who betrayed him and caused the death of Liz Keen. The task force is also hot on Marvin’s trail, but they have different plans in mind for what to do with Marvin. There’s a lot at stake in episode 22, and the finale may hint at what’s to come when the show returns with season 10.

Raymond Reddington and the task force are on the hunt for Marvin Gerard

Raymond Reddington’s quest to take down Marvin Gerard will no doubt play a huge role in The Blacklist Season 9 finale. In previous episodes, Red learned that Marvin orchestrated the death of Liz Keen because he did not feel she was worthy to take over Red’s criminal empire. After this betrayal, Red plans to put a bullet in Marvin’s head. However, the task force needs to take Marvin into custody alive so that they can exonerate Cooper.

This leads to Red and the task force having opposing interests. In episode 22, Red finally catches up to Marvin at an airport. The FBI is close behind and storms the building, which unfortunately allows Marvin to escape. Furious, Red calls Cooper. “We’ve lost him — Elizabeth’s killer and your blackmailer,” Red tells him. “This burns you as much as it does me.” He continues, “I’ll tell you what else you’ve lost Harold. You’ve lost me, your most important friend and ally.”

Where to watch ‘The Blacklist’ Season 9 Episode 21

The Blacklist Season 9 finale is titled “Marvin Gerard Conclusion: Part II.” According to Rotten Tomatoes, the episode synopsis reads, “Red and Cooper square off with conflicting endgames for their mutual traitor; a major secret about the task force falls into the wrong hands.” The episode airs tonight, May 27 at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

Seasons 1-8 of The Blacklist are currently available for streaming on Netflix. The streaming service will likely add all of season 9 at some point in the future, but it’s not yet clear when that will be. For now, Peacock has been adding new episodes of The Blacklist Season 9 about a week after they air. Episodes are also available for purchase on platforms such as Amazon or YouTube.

What is the ‘The Blacklist’ Season 9 finale about?

It’s clear that Red and the task force will be at odds in their quest to find Marvin in The Blacklist Season 9 finale. In fact, Red seems completely done with working for the task force. “Red wants to kill Marvin for what he did to Liz,” The Blacklist executive producer John Eisendrath told TV Insider. He adds, “Cooper will go to prison unless he can capture Marvin and make a case against him.” 

The finale will also include what appears to be a final commemoration for Liz. Promo photos show the task force at her gravesite. Eisendrath told TV Insider of the finale, “The emotional stakes could not be higher,” adding that this is “the final chapter of the Liz Keen story.”

“Will her death be avenged? Will the person responsible for her murder go free? And will the outcome result in one of our most beloved characters going to prison?” Eisendrath mused. Fans will have to tune in to the finale to find out.

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