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Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee slammed for 'bragging' after paying for three other Starbucks orders – and posting on Instagram

TEEN Mom star Mackenzie McKee was targeted by trolls who turned her kind-hearted take-out gesture into an act of "bragging."

It came after the MTV alum, 26, posted a pair of selfies showing her clutching two iced coffees and a handful of cake pops from the Starbucks chain.

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With her hair scraped back in a ponytail, she wore a pink gym bra and jam-jar shades as she beamed at the camera.

The second snap showed mom of three Mackenzie leaning into the beverages as she posed in the comfort of her car seat.

In her image caption, the reality star confessed she had "paid it forward" – a system of paying for another customer's order as a gesture of good will.

She wrote of her good deed for the day: "What do you do when the person in front of you pays for your Starbucks.

"Pay it forward. And when the person behind you ordered one cheap item. You just pay for the next 3 people.

"Blessing people blesses more people."

Mackenzie, who has just moved to a huge $300K Florida home, rounded off by adding: "Happy Saturday and always pay it forward 😘😘😘"

Yet in making her gesture very public, as opposed to keeping quiet, it angered some.

One follower raged: "When people have to brag on themselves doing nice things on social media."

Another remarked: "If I was getting an MTV paycheck maybe," to which Mackenzie sarcastically clapped back: "Because I don't work do I."

An Instagram user then agreed with the troll and commented: "Right?! $35 is almost 3 hours of work for me.

"I rarely go to Starbucks because I can't afford it. Can barely afford my rent."

Forced to clarify her actions, Mackenzie wrote to one fan: "My order was $35 so when the person behind me was only $6 that's when I decided in my heart I wanted to do the next three people.

"I'm bragging on what the person in front of me did, not myself."

Yet others flooded the BodybyMac founder with their positivity, with one gushing: "Great job Mac this world needs more people like you in it.

"Your mom would be proud."

Teen Mom Mackenzie lost parent Angie Douthit from cancer in 2019.

It has been a tough time for Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie, after being forced to defend herself from fans quizzing why she took her husband Josh back after he "cheated with her cousin."

This week, Mackenzie was also slammed for having a tattoo tribute to Angie done in a "garage."

The star got the tattoo about two weeks ago with her siblings but she's now revealing further detail.

Mackenzie, 26, shared the details about her special trip to Oklahoma a few weeks ago where she got her ribcage tattooed in honor of her mom.

She also shared the moment when she held her sister's hand as she got some work done too, a group picture of all the siblings with their tattoos, her holding her newborn niece, and a video of the siblings working out in the garage.

Despite the sweet sentiment behind the tattoos and the alleged clean conditions, Teen Mom OG fans couldn't help but notice that she was still getting a tattoo in a garage.

One Redditor wrote: "Extremely unsanitary and disgusting. Holy s**t."

A second one commented: "Oh my god. This is so unsanitary and with her being diabetic, yikes. This is an infection waiting to happen."

A third person shared: "No reputable tattoo artist does this because you can't maintain a sanitary environment / don't have access to disinfecting tools like an autoclave."

And another commented: "Definitely unsanitary."


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