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Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry makes co-host Vee Rivera & ex Javi Marroquin sign NDAs after former BFF Mark 'betrayed' her trust

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry made her podcast co-host Vee Rivera and ex-husband Javi Marroquin sign NDAs.

This comes after her former BFF Mark Allen "betrayed" her trust as the two are currently in the middle of a feud.

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During the latest episode of Kailyn and Vee's podcast Baby Mamas No Drama, titled Learning and Changing, the mother of four revealed she's had no problem sending out NDAs – non-disclosure agreements – to some of the people in her life, including her second baby daddy.

She said: "I texted Javi yesterday, and I was like, 'do you have the NDA, because where is it?' And he was like, 'I need you to sign one for me,' and I was like, 'OK!' like bring them on!

"I don't care! I don't have s**t to hide, like whatever."

Kailyn shares 7-year-old son Lincoln with Javi, as the pair tied the knot in 2007 before parting ways in 2017.

"It's just about protecting yourself," Vee chimed in, however, Kailyn also sent an NDA her way as well – but the mom of one took it in stride.

Vee, who is married to Kailyn's ex Jo Rivera, explained: "Most people would take it… like they would be very offended, and I honestly when I saw the email I was just cracking up.

"… I knew it was coming because we've talked about it, and I was literally saying the same thing… I was like, 'I think I'm going to start doing NDAs with people I work with closely.'"

She added: "I don't take anything personally."

Kailyn's NDAs-fest comes after her ex friend Mark ripped the MTV star as a "liar."

It all kicked off when Kailyn claimed to Vee that her friend was “so mad” at her for agreeing to go on a day trip for his 30th birthday instead of for the entire week.

But in an exclusive interview with The Sun, Mark claimed his friend of over 15 years “lied” on her podcast over the birthday getaway.

He said: “I have been through the good and the bad times and experienced those times with her. I have seen so many people come in and out of her life. I accepted and dealt with a lot.

“In this situation here, it became to a point where she began to disrespect me. Once you disrespect me, I’m not going to tolerate it or deal with that. Now I am experiencing things where she’s lying about certain things that happened and that’s one of my pet peeves. I am not going to deal with that..”

He added: "She went on one of her podcasts that she has. She stated that when she told me that, I got so upset and so mad. That’s a lie! When she told me that, I was like okay that’s fine just come that Saturday.

“I was not upset, I was not mad.”

Mark also claimed he attempted to patch things up between them, but he claimed Kailyn did not respond and blocked him on social media days later.

The Teen Mom 2 star would soon share a cryptic quote that read: "Accept people as they are, but place them where they belong."

Not only has Kailyn ruffled Mark's feathers, but former reality star Jenelle Evans recently had some words to say as well.

Jenelle claimed that Kailyn "uses" people for "popularity."

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