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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans cries 'everybody hates me' after ex boyfriend Kieffer Delp tells fans ‘stop hating on my b***h!’

JENELLE Evans became emotional on TikTok as she expressed her deep insecurities about people "hating" her.

The Teen Mom alum shared her concerns after her ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp came to her rescue late last week.

Jenelle, 29, took to the video-sharing platform to tell fans that she has a problem with thinking that everyone "hates" her.

"I think I have a very bad problem with thinking everyone hates me, and um yeah I need to stop it," she admitted.

"David will always be telling me, you're thinking to much into it, people like you, don't think everyone hates you.

"And then when it comes to people not texting me back, I'm like they hate me. They hate me because of haters attacking them.

"They don't want to talk to me anymore this sucks, and then they text me back, and then I feel dumb," she laughed.

The reality star ended on a positive note as she encouraged her followers: "So yeah, not everyone hates you, and you are loved, and don't think that your worth isn't anything cause I thought that for the longest time.

"I think it's important to give yourself positive self-talk," she closed.

Jenelle has received frequent public backlash, as she and her husband are regularly at the center of negative attention from internet trolls.

The TV personality was recently slammed by a hater for having "no rhythm" during a new TikTok dance video.

The video displayed the mom-of-three shaking her booty to a viral song, Yahhh! by rapper Soulja Boy.

The follower took to Twitter to re-share the video in an effort to make fun of the MTV star, writing: "If no rhythm was a person."

A surprising hero came to her rescue, as Jenelle's ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp stepped in to defend his old fling.

The 30-year-old, who was released from prison last month, clapped back in the comments with: "All you n****s need to stop hating on mah b***h. She up there doing her thug thizzle."

Critics took to Reddit to share their shock over his rebuttal, one writing: "You're joking right."

"I don't think I've heard someone say thizzle since 2010," a second laughed, while another roasted: "He’s been in jail for too long."

The Sun exclusively reported that Kieffer was arrested on October 27, as a Pennsylvania prison confirmed he was booked for violating his parole.

The Teen Mom star was originally incarcerated for his involvement in a 2018 meth lab case.

Kieffer agreed to 18 to 36 months in a state correctional institution with three years probation, however, only six days after completing his sentence he was arrested in February 2020 for jumping bail in New Jersey.

The ex-couple spent two years together, and were featured in one of the show's most memorable scenes when Jenelle's mom accused them of being "high."

After finally breaking up for good, the controversial star met her current husband David, and they went on to have two children together.

Fans speculated that David would not be pleased to see Kieffer standing up for his wife, as several commented on the predicament.

"I can't wait to see what happens with David sees this. But I also kinda can. Because it’ll probably be a disaster," one wrote.

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